USB turntables?
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Mar 23, 2009
I'm thinking of getting into vinyl and usb turntables look really cool and affordable. Do these maybe provide excellent sound quality or perhaps more so than apple lossless files? thanks for any input! sorry if this is the wrong place to post :p
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No, this is the right place to post.

Yes, vinyl is usually an improvement over digital, though I should also admit my devotion to SACD.

However, the USB turntables I've seen are largely cheap junk. You won't get the most from vinyl - or even realize much of the benefit - with a cheapndeck and arm.

If you're interested in good vinyl with USB connectivity, I'd buy a good turntable, arm and cartridge and run them with something like the NAD PP3 phonostage. The PP3 (IIRC) is the venerable PP2 phonostage with a USB connector.

You don't have to spend a lot on a turntable, either. There are a number of very good used and vintage decks for any budget. Check the threads here for some good recommendations.

I know all of this will probably cost more than a USB deck, but you don't want to be disappointed in the sound. A cheap deck migh turn you off to vinyl and that would be a shame. If you get into vinyl with a decent deck, you'll notice the improvement over digital and will get hooked like the rest of us.
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I have a Sony PS-LX300USB and its rubbish. The USB connection doesn't even work properly. It doesn't transmit a full stereo signal and was useless for making recordings because I would miss half of the song. I just use the analog connection into my sound card and then run it back out through my stereo or if I really am bored I re wire it so it runs straight to my stereo.

Bottom line: AVOID this table if you want to use the USB plug.
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Most of them are truly junk, and none of them provide what I'd call "excellent sound quality" afaik.

I have however considered, and may yet buy, a Stanton T.90/92 because it comes with 78 speed, variable pitch, a respectable Stanton 500 cartridge -- a big plus over the other models -- and is built better than the ultra-cheap models (which with turntables affects sound quality as well as longevity). It's worth the $200 it streets for.

For me, that would be as a second player in order to get those features, which my other TTs don't provide. And I'd mod it to add vibration damping. But if a USB turntable is what you want, I think this is your optimal choice.
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The only USB turntable worth considering is the Pro-ject Debut III USB. The rest are junk.

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