USB signal improvement devices (iFi purifiers, AQ jitterbug, Schiit Eitr etc.)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by betula, Oct 17, 2018.
  1. betula
    I am launching this thread to be a collective forum for discussion about all sorts of USB signal purifiers. We all know, USB signal is noisy, therefore any sort of purifying technology is welcome. Let's look for the best one together and share experiences! (I know, there is a popular Eitr thread covering a lot, but I couldn't find a universal thread dedicated to USB signal improvement.)
    I have been using AudioQuest Jitterbug for a couple of years, and just testing iFi iPurifier 3 these days.
    They definitely make an improvement, but it is system dependent. Share your experience, share your thoughts. Do we need these USB devices? Are they worth the money? Which one is the best for the money?
    My iPurifier 3 review is coming up, but I can already tell it is a positive disappointment. I wanted to dislike it, but I have to admit both the Jitterbug and the iPurifier 3 make a worthwhile difference in my system. Now I am wondering if the Schiit Eitr is a better choice over the Jitterbug and iPurifier 3 combo. Any thoughts?
  2. Zenvota
    I really like usb and power conditioning and isolation and have found it to be espacially beneficial to virtualization where you're adding reverb to every minute sound in music or movies.

    I went with the Uptone iso regen due to the galvanic isolation, usb hub chip, clock, and low noise voltage regulators, and upgraded my old dacs usb board to the amanero usb to i2s, which has additional isolation on the i2s end, and both are powered by an uptone ultracap 1.2, which has ultra capacitor banks across an isolation barrier. So the iso regen and amanero board are isolated from the pc, the ac mains, and the dac and the data stream is clocked and reclocked. Then I use a topaz line noise isolator to isolate the dac and headamp from the ac mains, it provides 140db of common mode noise reduction, 60db traverse noise, functions as surge protection, and allows a low impedance unfiltered connection between the dac and amp.

    The end result is an extremely clean signal out of the iso regen, allowing the amanero to function with very little noise generating error correction, and no ac noise compounding through the dac and amp. When using Out of Your Head, the various rooms became significantly more realistic sounding compared to only using the amanero board. An example is a 7.1 surround sound scene with a waterfall like in the new tomb raider movie. With just the amanero board it's slightly smeared(in comparison), with just the iso regen its boardline grating, there's just so much information compounding with noise from the ac mains, with the iso regen and the topaz it's intensely natural, detailed, and non fatiguing.
  3. Zenvota
    Forgot you made this thread and started a new one for this:

    It's the full board similar to the Singxer SU-1, with isolation after xmos chip, in a case, but with TCXOs instead of the Crystek 575s and no power supply. At $175 could be a good option to consider.

    I'm also intrigued by this one:

    Just the board by itself, so I could wire a direct connection to my dac(which currently has an internal amanero board with an isolator on the i2s output). But it has isolation after the xmos chip and upgraded accuphase clocks. I'd have to consider power though.. I've got the ultracap powering both the iso regen and amanero board now with isolation before the regen and after the amanero, so I would need a 2nd power supply, or I suppose I could switch to the old regen, and put the iso on my work computer. Would I even notice a difference though? Idk...

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