Usb or optical to connect 13" macbook pro to D10?

  1. Mr Do Contributor
    Should I use a high end Usb cable or optical cable to pair a D10 Cobra with a 13" Macbook Pro?

  2. nukaidee
    I suggest usb. rather leave something in that digital form rather than converting it to optical. sure it might be hype... but usb cable is cheaper than toslink anyways
  3. Mr Do Contributor
    Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. jeremyzone
    I would actually recommend the optical. Macbook pros already have limited USB ports, so why not use the optical? Supposedly its bit perfect. Plus optical wont be as polluted by hard drive noise and other interference. If you're asking specifically about whether the D10 handles USB or optical inputs better, I don't know the answer, although I would still take a guess that overall optical is the better choice
  5. 4ck
    I use a high end Usb cable with a Macbook air.

    Especially, there is no problem.[​IMG]
  6. eucariote
    In HeadphoneAddict's uber review of 13 USB DAC amps (forum f105), he expressly notes that the D10 sounds better through the optical input from his macbook pro vs. the USB, which was a contributing reason that nudged the D10 to the top of the list.
  7. kb1gra
    I personally MUCH prefer the optical out of my 15" MacBook Pro to the USB out, there's a major difference in overall clarity using optical.

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