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USB DAC recommendation

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by codeninja, Aug 9, 2011.
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  1. HaVoC-28
    What about the Firestone ILTW ?
  2. Dr. Strangelove
    If you really feel that spending even more on a DAC is going to provide a perceived benefit, you can procure the higher end Music Streamer 2... I think it's price is within your range.
  3. lee730


    I think they also have a 30 day money back guarantee if I'm not mistaken. So check into that. Just note if you're using a laptop with a lot of USB devices connected to it that a USB hub may be a good idea to get. I actually had issues with that on my Alienware Area 51 machine. I think the USB ports weren't powering the DACport enough so I got glitches at first. But most PCs shouldn't exhibit this (its just my luck as usual with electronics in general :wink:
  4. lee730

    I've read a review that compared the higher end Music Streamer II+ and it still didn't compare with the DACport and they are within the same price range. Not sure about the $500+ music streamer but I didn't want to spend that much.
  5. codeninja
    Any experience on comparison between USB powered DAC vs AC powered?
  6. funkmeister
    Can't comment on AC vs. USB other than the NuForce Icon HD vs. NuForce uDac2-HP. I don't think that's what you're asking about and everyone knows that the Icon HD sounds tons better.
    So, did you end up ordering something?
  7. lee730
    I can't comment on AC powered but USB has come a long way especially with the Jitter Issue.
  8. codeninja
    I've got dacport LX and so far loving it. It very balanced with sweet mid which is perfect with my d7000.
  9. lee730


    Nice to hear. I like the combo with my Denon 5000's. Have you compared the 7000 to 5000s?. What amp are you using to drive the LX? I use the E9 amp and also have my UHA4 which I'll use if I want a different flavor.
  10. codeninja
    iPad -> DACPort LX -> Burson 160 -> D7000.  I jumped directly from D2000, and I have no idea on how D5000 compares to.  My favorite part about my setup now is that there is nothing bothers me anymore.  Everything seems to be as it's supposed to be.

  11. barleyguy


    That question depends on the source as much as the DAC.  I've got 3 different USB sound cards (NuForce Icon Mobile, MAudio Transit, and Sound Blaster 96/24), and 4 different computers.  With my netbook and desktop all USB sound cards have a dead silent background and are as good as AC.  With my Mac Mini and my gaming laptop, there is line noise over the USB port.
    Another thing to note is that using an AC powered USB hub fixes the USB power and makes it just like using AC.  I'm using a Belkin 7 port with an AC adapter and it makes my USB DACs dead silent.
    I'm amazed that I haven't read any recommendations for iBasso on this thread.  The iBasso D4 and D10/D12 are among my absolute favorite DACs (have a used D10 on the way).  The only one I've heard that I like better than the D10 is the Lavry DA11, which is way more expensive and less portable.  The DA11 is my favorite DAC period though.  (I've heard a couple of dozen DACs at meets and owned about 6 myself.)
  12. lee730

    Good to hear. My Denons haven't fully burned in yet so not sure how they will fully turn out. So far I am pretty happy though (I paid $399.00 for them on amazon when on sale). They have about 230 hours on them probably got a few more hundred hours before they fully settle in. I only burn in without listening when the cans sound like **** other than that I just listen so I can hear the actual burn in for myself.
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