USB DAC glitches in Vista
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Not my experience at all. Have you actually used Vista? I've got two computers running it and have had almost ZERO issues with apps or hardware on either of them. One's a new HP laptop and the other a 2 year old Dell Dimension. I'd hardly call it "just plain bad". IMO it's a big improvement over XP and the issues that ARE there will get ironed out quickly.

Sorry, I had a similar problem to this persons':

"I recently built a HTPC using MCE 2005 R2 after trying some Linux offerings. MCE was easy for the wife and kids, so it won out. We use the machine as a PVR, music player, and DVD player. Never had any major problem with MCE 2005 that I couldn't get around.

I have a full MSDN subscription, so I installed Vista early to make sure our software would work for our clients. When it was released fully, I bought a copy for my personal use on my HTPC. I pulled my MCE 2005 drive and installed Vista on a new drive. After a little frustration with some sound drivers, it was working just fine.

Now for the problem. I run an SVIDEO cable from my Dish Network receiver to my TV input card, Component out to my HK receiver, component out to my Sony HDTV. I have never had a problem recording ANY channel in MCE 2005 when I needed too. Well, MS blew it this time. Restricted Content! Restricted Content??? My BACKSIDE! I can't record something I'm paying for when I can record this same show on my old VHS recorder or my DVR? Give me a break."

And I dumped Vista. I don't need an O.S. telling me what I can and can't do, thanks though, and good luck with Vista.
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Originally Posted by jrussell6 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
maybe if you've got vista figured out you can help this guy,, and you can very easily get a mac for 700 bucks, so i don't know what your talking about with that

Macs certainly have a lot of good points, but value isn't one of them. I challenge you to find a brand new Macbook with specs similar to the following for less than $1300:

* 1.6 GHz Dual Core
* Dual Layer DVD/CD-R burner
* 15.4" display
* 5-in-1 card reader
* Remote control

Etc., etc. In other words, by purchasing a PC I can get the same or better computing power for 1/2 the cost (even less if we're talking desktops) of a similarly configured Mac. Pricing is a big reason that more people don't use Apple computing products IMO.

Anyway, enough thread crapping.
ttol, you didn't answer my question about what output mode you're using with Foobar on your system. That could certainly have an impact on your problem.

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