USB DAC/AMP match for HD595s under 100
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Dec 24, 2007
Are there any decent dac/amps around 80 bucks that will have nice synergy with my HD595s. My laptop's headphone jack broke so I need to bypass my soundcard. I don't need a huge improvement but I just want to buy something that works well with my HD595s.

I'm thinking about buying a bithead used, but cant find one. Music is my only concern.

ps: will this device be able to proivde sound for my speaker system that I have always used with the laptop's headphone jack? Is there a difference...i dont think so

thanks for the reply, i really want to buy something soon so i can listen to these brand new hd595s
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See if you can snag an EMU 0202 USB for that much. Very good with my 595s. The lowest I could find online was $129 USD so it could be difficult getting them under a 100.

Your other option is the M-audio Transit which I havent heard but it falls within your price range.
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ASUS just brought out a new USB-soundcard/headphone amp called the U1. Not sure if it will fit your bill or not you will need to check it out and make up your mind.
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for the emu 0202 usb the emphasis seems to be on recording. Does it have a headphone amp...will it make a difference for my hd595s? Also is the plug 1/4 or 1/ senn 1/8 adaptor destorys headphone amps...i'll need to factor in the grado adaptor if its not

thanks for the reply? are there any other choices besides this and bithead?

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