USB Contention with Karma
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Aug 31, 2002
So, just got my new Karma, and wanted to load it. I have a bunch of uncompressed WAV files I have from loading my CD collection into my computer. I converted to FLAC, and was ready.

I loaded a couple alblums worth, and then could not load any more. I have my music stored on an external disk drive, with a USB2 interface. When I connected my Karma on another USB port, it would hose up the disk drive interface. I had this problem on both my laptop and my home desktop.

Eventually, I copied all my files to a hard drive on my desktop, and loaded from there.

Just wondering if anybody else has had this occur. Also, thought I would post, so if anybody else tried, they would know. I searched for "USB contention", and did not get any hits.


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