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USB cellphone speakers for vacacional renting house

  1. nicolasete
    Hi, I want to renew the old mini stereo from a house I rent by days for tourists and I thought thst just providing usb speakers for the guests' cellphones would be a better idea.

    My problem is that most things I find feel a little gimmicky or designed for a different purpose (portability), so I could use some recommendations.

    What I'm looking for:

    • usb speakers which work for both android and iphone, compatible with apps like spotify and such (so not an mp3 player but speakers for the phone)
    • not a fan of bluetooth, but as far as there is a cabled option, I'm fine with it.
    • Portability is not a concern, so I prefer quality and power over small size. Should the system have a battery (not a concern neither, i prefer cabled), the option to just plug it to an appliance wgen there is no battery should be there.
    • An fm radio for guests who dont have a cellphone would be a nice inclussion.

    What would you recommend for this? Speakers? Just a cellphone compatible mini stereo? Any models in particular?

    Thanks in advance.

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