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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. yorosello
    It's not from the player it seems. Because when I play youtube etc it's the same distorted sound that came out.
  2. Hacke
    Probably it has something to do with the USB Port in Samsung devices. I'm not sure, but I've read something about it.
  3. yorosello
    Probably, but when I try it on my colleague's Samsung s8+, it operates normally though. That's the only weird thing

    Update: I tried the dongle with my brother's s9+ & it was the same as mine. Guess the problem was coming from the samsung itself. The software in the phone doesn't fully support the dongle
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
  4. yannis
    Post from another forum:

    "The Qudelix 5K will have a 20-band PEQ, with connection via either USB-C or Bluetooth: https://www.qudelix.com/

    Should be out in a couple of months."
  5. Audrix
    Speaking of Neutron player, do you have a problem where when you plug your DAC, you can only listen to music when the app is on your display? When i turn my phone off or simply go to the homescreen the song just muted, plus other audio outside the app is muted as well...
    The problem only occurs when the "Direct USB Access" is turned on.

    I'm using DC02 for my Huawei P30 lite if thats relevant..
  6. yorosello
    Another update:
    Switching the player to Hiby Music App, I can control the volume on the BFVP T-01 much better than other apps without having to turn the volume up to a deafening level.
  7. Hacke
    The HIBY App is very good. I used it too. I like the interface in this app
    yorosello likes this.
  8. yorosello
    Yeah. But i can't stream tidal unlike the UAPP. So the song that I can play is limited
  9. Ham Sandwich
    The permissions the Android version of HibyMusic requests is a bit over the top. I'm unwilling to install it to even try it.
    retrieve running apps; read sensitive log data. approximate location (network-based); precise location (GPS and network-based). modify system settings; disable your screen lock. and more.
    No thanks.
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  10. luedriver
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  11. PlantsmanTX
  12. luedriver
    idk but I doubt it, they dont even look the same and the pic in your link doesn't have sony's brand name on it

    I wish the internet had more information on usb-c dongles, since they are getting more popular, even sellers won't say anything about bit rates and sample rates
  13. purplesun
    I went through an exercise of identifying a decent-sounding & cheap USB dongle as I was replacing my LG G6 with Pixel 3 phone. Bought a couple non-brand ones from China. They all look exactly the same, and most of them had noise floor like a waterfall in the background. I finally settled on a model which claimed to use Realtek's ALC4040 chip (with pictured teardown). Couldn't hear the noise floor, forward-sounding, plays loud and tested 24bit/192khz. Was a good sonic replacement/upgrade of the G6's 3.5mm output on the Pixel. You can give ALC4040 dongles a try, it only cost a few dollars.
  14. luedriver
    could you share the link? is it from ebay or aliexpress?
  15. purplesun
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