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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. onlinekute17
    People with DC01, how is the noise situation with your setup?

    If yours doesnt hiss, which phone are you on and is there any particular setting on UAPP you had to turn on?

    I'm running my 6BA iem through the DC01 plugged into a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and it hiss quite badly. Hidiz Sonata HD is sooo much quieter.
  2. Hacke
    Good morning together from Germany!

    I'm currently using a ibasso dc01 with my Huawei P30pro. I'm impressed in the sound quality. My Ibasso it03 is working well with dc01.

    The soundstage is very wide and the sound is clear, crisp with a wide soundstage. The bass is punchy and dry. Well, I'm not an professional but I'm still looking for the best sound. So far, this combo satisfied me till now.

    I'm using the USB Audio Player Pro with it.

    I have to say, that i ordered a E1DA 9038s and i can't wait to test it. Much people writing only good things about it.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
  3. staticV3
    Be sure to check out the Discord channel for any questions you have or just to chat :)
  4. Hacke
    Thanks for this information. I already follow the chat on discord. Very interesting
  5. onlinekute17
    Does the DC01 hiss on your P30 Pro?
  6. Hacke
    There is no hiss on my side
  7. Hacke
    I'm using the iBasso it03's. Maybe "the hiss" is headphone related?
    superuser1 likes this.
  8. superuser1
    That's absolutely accurate!
  9. onlinekute17
    That's strange. My Fearless Roland is similar to the IT03 in sensitivity (106db vs 105db on IT03) and it hisses big time.
    Maybe it's my Xiaomi causing the issue.

    Do you have any other IEM that you can test the DC01 with?
  10. Hacke
    Yes I have.
    One pair Ultimate ears ue900s, no hiss

    One pair Rose mini 2, no hiss

    One pair Simgot en700pro, no hiss

    I don't have a pair of your headphones, so I can't compare them.
  11. onlinekute17

    I'll probably borrow a phone from my friend to test out. Seems like it's my phone that cause the hiss.

    Thanks a lot for the help
  12. Hacke
    You"re welcome
  13. gr8soundz
  14. Sathindra
    Hiss is something to do with earphone impedance and DC current leakage in the idle state. This current is very small, so hiss only occurs with low impedance earphones. For instance VE Odyssey HD has hiss on my earphones which has impedance less than 16ohm. IMR R1 Zenith does gives some hiss. Any higher impedance ones don't have any hiss. Try a impedance plug to then hiss will disappear.
  15. onlinekute17
    According to Hacke, his IT03 which has an impedance of 8ohm, is quiet.
    I used to have an IT04 which has an impedance of 16ohm. The hiss was unusable I had to return the IEM. Both were plugged off a DC01 and my Xiaomi.

    It's trua that low impedance headphone is susceptible to hiss. But I think for my particular case it's the phone that is the problem. I borrow my mate's S10 to try on yesterday and the hiss is much less prominent as well, despite iBasso saying that Samsung S10 has compatibility issues.
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