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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. staticV3
    Well first of all, you should compare the 9038D to the Takt C, not the 9038S since D=SE and S=Balanced.
    The chip in the Takt C (9018) is known to sound quite shrill and metallic. The 9038 fixes this inherent flaw (though it still sounds analytical rather than musical (AK4493)).
    Furthermore, the Takt is laughably underpowered compared to the 9038D. At 32Ohm, it can only manage 1.5VRMS (=45mW) compared to the 9038D's 340mW.
    S/N Ratio is also higher on the 9038S with -123dB compared to -120dB on the Cozoy. Additionally, Cozoy doesn't even provide THD+N measurements which certainly doesn't paint a nice picture for the brand.
    Moreover, Cozoy deploys at least some amount of BS marketing with lots and lots of meaningless buzzwords and things like gold plated USB-C connectors (*sigh*). You'd be hard pressed to find anything like that with E1DA products.
    As the finishing touch, the 9038D will only cost you $70-80 compared to $115 for the Takt C.
  2. staticV3
    Pretty sure the 9038S/D will outperform your Cayin by a fair amount. One user compared the 9038s to his Fiio Q5 THX AM3D and found them to be on the same level.
  3. spskboy
    That’s sound great!
    I will try 9038D when it’s available.
  4. alex5908
  5. John Milton
    For me the absolute advantage of the Ztella over the other one you mentioned is the fact that no OTG cable or CCK/lightning to USB C cable is needed. I even flirted with the likes of Mojo and IFI XDSD, but on the commute I want as clean a solution as I can get. This would make for great wired listening hopefully, and I can always use my noise cancelling headphones if need be.
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  6. dimmockg
    Hi all

    Keep looking at the ibasso dc01/dc02, curious if anybody has tried one and confirmed working with a huawei p30 mobile phone? (not the p30 Pro)

  7. artpiggo
    I have one but not use with huawei. But since ibasso is based on china. And most chinese audiophile buy it with their variety of phones. Only known issue so far is some samsung models.

    So I believe it should be fine but I can confirm again with my community.
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  8. ryno1507
    Thanks so much for your advice! Any idea on battery drain using the 9038s?
  9. artpiggo
    About 9038S, What cable used to connect it to use simultaneously with power bank?
  10. superuser1
    Does anyone know when the 9038X is going to be out?
  11. artpiggo
    Wait .. what
  12. staticV3
    It'll be a while that's for sure!
  13. staticV3
    X=Balanced with HW volume
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  14. artpiggo
  15. superuser1
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