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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. alex5908
  2. staticV3
    The absolute best USB C DAC that's available right now is the E1DA 9038s. For $70, it rivals the sq of $500 DAPs. As for 4.4mm, I think you'll have to adapt.
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  3. John Milton
    It is to me!

    I have only been enjoying the Hidizs Sonata HD-Dac II for a week, and it was just yesterday that I flashed the firmware to ‘D’. Took me some figuring out the firmware was the reason that I couldn’t get pas 44.1 KHz in UAPP, and thus got ‘can not resample in bit perfect mode’ messages because the Sonata was set to 48 kHz. I have to say, this is a great sounding little dac with plenty of power for its form factor. Even the LCD-2 sounded quite decent through it, to my surprise. I did have a nasty little moment with insane loud volume before I found out that I had to lower the volume setting through the UAPP software in bitperfect mode, almost blew up my MDR-1000x (I know, it has it’s own dac) along with my eardrums. Good thing I did not have my Shure 846’s connected.

    Still, the Hidizs cable looks a bit fragile and since I’m on the Tidal hifi tier MQA would be a nice bonus, this Ztella seems to tick both of those boxes. For 58 euro’s and with Zorloo’s track record, I had little hesitation about joining this campaign.

    I do hope the iPhone 12 next year will have USB-C as well, but until then this will be a nice upgrade for my OnePlus 6.
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  4. alex5908
    Thanks for the fast response. Have you already received it? Did you buy it thru the kickstarter?
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
  5. John Milton
    If only :)

    I just pledged today, and the campaign still has another 23 days to go, even though the funding goals has already been met. I back the MQA version that is slated for december shipping, but with kickstarter, you never know. My ill fated (and in the end sucky) Kokoon headphones took years.
  6. alex5908
    Is kickstarter a reliable source? I mean to pledge one has to give one's credit card data.
  7. John Milton
    Yes, I consider kickstarter to be very reliable.

    Crowdfunding (whether it's kickstarter or indiegogo etc.) always carries a small risk that a campaign won't deliver, but most companies do deliver and as an early backer you get the product before it hits the market and at a lower price. And like I said Zorloo has a pretty good track record (and reputation to uphold), so I'm not at all worried. Worst case scenario I lose 58 euros, that's not that big of a deal. But the chances of that happening seem pretty slim to me.
  8. alex5908
  9. spskboy
  10. alex5908
    That's what I got about the comparison between Ztella and E1DA 9038S.
    "9038S: -122db(A), THD .0002%, < 2 ohm output impedance, huge amount of power 550mW@16ohm, ztella: SNR @ 120dB THD+N @ 0.0006% < 2 ohm output impedance, Inline headphones volume +/- and play/pause button control, Automatic output level based on headphone impedance (1V for < 150 ohms, 2V for >= 150 ohms), Mic input from headphones to your phone or computer, low power consumption, MQA decoder. I feel that ztella will be a great on the road solution, primarily for IEMs
    9038S has better measures specs than ztella announced specs, but the difference is not huge. Let's wait for the 9038X with embedded volume control"
  11. artpiggo
    How is 9038s battery drain?
  12. tiamor988
    Lower than iBasso DC01. I don't remember the real number. But you can try search in E1DA Discord.

    Edit - Found it
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
  13. staticV3
    90-110mA @ 5V
  14. spskboy
    How about 9038s vs Cozoy Takt C
  15. ryno1507
    Hey everyone, I've given up on persisting with my Cayin N5ii any longer, it has too many issues and I think I would prefer using my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ instead for a more portable solution and reduce my number of devices and keeping the option of using Spotify. My question is, can I achieve the same listening experience using a type-C to 2.5mm balanced DAC from my phone? I use Campfire Andromeda IEMs currently, and I want to continue to do them justice and get the most out of them also. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

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