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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. mediatouch
    iBasso DC02 has AKM4490EQ DAC on board and unbalanced 3.5 out only. Which is good specs, especially for this size! (But I dont know which Amps there installed is)

    Cayin N5IISS have ESS 9018K2M DAC and has four Amps (2 for balanced out, 1 for unbalanced and 1 for line-out). I pretty sure that Cayin`s Amps (OPA1622) defenetly better than in DC02 (and of cource more powerfull). And scheme and another components are higher level (as Capacitors and blah).

    Cayin`s sound more neutral, detailed, may be not wider but deeper, more immersive 3D soundstage. Also has more detailed and deeper bass (also has accent on bass as DC02), natural vocals and crisp high frecs! I think it`s another level of sound, no matter which DAC there are installed. But the DAP has many problems, lazy UI and buggy controlls. Thats annoying me all the time I use it, especially in Car. :|

    Thats why I bought DC02, to use it in Car, mostly. Also it`s dont need any charging, has very high level sound and small convinient size! :)
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  2. senegalas
    Yeah and the price is really high for that dap.
  3. senegalas
    Also dc01 is way more powerful than dc02 due to being balanced. So I am pretty sure it will give more detailed sound compared to dc02
  4. Chessblitzer2017
    What does powerful have too do with detailed. Genuinely asking I'm not an audiophile. Or are u just typing too see a response. Ty
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
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  5. wwyjoe
    Caution DC01 Owners! The latest firmware per iBasso website (dated 18 Aug 2019) once flashed reduces the volume significantly. E.g. my usual listening volume for Tidal via UAPP was about 50% of the volume level. However, after flashing the latest firmware, I now have to increase volume to about 75% to 80% to achieve the same loudness as before. Now trying to contact iBasso to flash back to original firmware. Sigh......
  6. snip3r77
    Is there a certain impedance which is the trigger point for waterfall sound? Does dc02 has the same issue?

    If one is using iem not headphone and dc01 and dc02 vol match, is it possible to distinguish ?
  7. cYxFrag
    Meizu hifi dac or ibasso dc02?
  8. oknidius
    Do the iBasso, Cozoy or Musiland adapters work with phone screen off?
    The Razer adapter I bought a while back will only work with screen on and unlocked on Android devices. Don’t know if it’s defective or made that way. But it’s pretty much unusable on the go.
  9. Jemabaris
    I have also noticed that! I contacted Ibasso about that and they told me it was probably the App. Of course that's bull. The Ibasso support seems to be really lacking knowledge about their own products. I would't want to flash back the old firmware since only with the new one native DSD and DSD 256x works for me. The Volume decrease isn't a big problem for me since it was way too loud for my IEMs before and now I can use them at more normal loudness settings. Although I can understand that it pisses you off when you're using a headphone which needs more juice. Please let me know about Ibassos reaction to you!
  10. Jemabaris
    I can't tell you what the triggerpoint is but I'd like to know as well if DC02 has the same problem. I'd be willing to change my DC01 for DC02 if it does not have this problem.
  11. Jemabaris
    The Ibasso definitely works with screen off. Maybe try disabling any power saving features for the music app you're listening with.
  12. wwyjoe
  13. Jemabaris
    Yeah I've see that one too. My choice was between this one and the iBasso. Chose the iBasso for the price.
  14. snip3r77
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  15. Jemabaris
    Yep, I've seen that. I am really pleased with the DC01 however. There was some trouble with native DSD decoding and stuff but now it works really good for me with UAPP and Audirvana Pro. Just wish it had less hiss with my sensitive balanced armature IEMs.
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