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USB-C / Power Delivery 2.0 DAC/AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by eugenius, Aug 30, 2015.
  1. eugenius
    I was wondering, are there any portable dac/amps planned that use USB power deliver 2.0  through USB-C?
    20V/5A would allow a portable device to drive any headphone in existence and with power regeneration onboard that would be the end of needing AC powered headphone amps and dacs.
  2. sheldaze
    My guess is there's not enough market for it as yet. In fact, many DAC today with USB input have been reported to respond poorly to USB 3.0. You're unfortunately more likely to find adaptation of the Apple Lightening connector straight to a DAC far sooner than for USB-C. And then, you have to consider how many years Lightening has been around, prior to the first direct to DAC and AMP implementations.
    I agree though, it would be very nice to unburden the USB DAC/AMP from the limitation of USB power, as it stands today.
  3. eugenius
    In a year USB-C with 20W power will be commonplace though. The 100W ports are going to be rare and desktop only, most likely in premium monitors and motherboards.
    20W is still plenty for a DAC. Paging Centrance, dacport-c, dacport-c . :)
  4. TjPhysicist
    Forget PD2.0 I just want to be FINALLY rid of the mess of wires i have to carry around, not to mention the times when I had to make do with sub-part usb OTG connecter cables. Someone please make this, why isn't this even in rumours anywhere?
  5. Thompd15
    The dac/amp addon for the new lg g5 actually has a USB C option so that it can be used separately from the phone. There is a YouTube video somewhere of a guy using it with his nexus 6p. It's not exactly what you wanted, but it's also probably the best thing we are going to get in a while.

  6. eugenius
    That's not what I was asking though, I was asking for an USB-C powered DAC that can drive any headphone. A true one gizmo fits all solution.

    I guess we'll have to wait for the pro audio interfaces to adopt USB-C and ditch their power adapters or make them optional for connecting to tablets and phones.

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