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USB Audio Recorder PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 5, 2014.
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  1. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Just curious, have you guys tried UAPP if it works with a USB Interface/DDC (Digital to Digital Converter) like Singxer SU-1/SU-6, Audiobyte Hydra, Gustard U16, Mutec MC-3+ or the likes?

    I know it works with a usb reclock/regen/galvanizing device (as i am using it for years), but with those?

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  2. zolom
    Sony's 360 Reality music is provided (streamed) by Tidal. Is it supported, or intended to be supported by UAPP?

  3. Davy Wentzler
    The reply I received from Tidal is that it requires a (licensed) decoder and that it is only useful for surround systems. So, that's a no.
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  4. zolom
    Thanks for your response.

    According to this link by Sony, any Headphones should deliver the 360 experience.

    On the Tidal app, over my Android phone, playing a 360 title, I (think that I) had captured the surround experience; will recheck it later with better IEMs (SE846).
    Edit: could not distinguished between HiFi or MQA and the 360 Reality sound quality, over the following configurations: a) SE846 SE connected directly to my S10. b) BT SE100 LDAC balance with FH7.

    The following paragraph was taken from a Tidal article:

    What hardware is required to enjoy 360 Reality Audio?
    Experience 360 Reality Audio with your smartphone*, any headphones, and a TIDAL HiFi subscription.
    While 360 Reality Audio works with all headphones, soon owners of compatible Sony headphones can configure a personalized experience via the Sony Headphones Connect app. Just open the app and follow the instructions from within the app. For more information, please refer to Sony.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  5. Ike1985
    Right now I'm connecting my Chord Hugo2 audio DAC to my Note10+ directly via usb-c to micro-b cable and using various music apps to play music. The chain is like this: Phone --> USBC to microb cable--> hugo2 --> headphones Will I be able connect my DAC to my portable dex setup as well? I was considering a few possibilities:

    1. USB c splitter: one end goes to the portable monitor the other to the DAC

    2. Phone --> monitor--> hugo2. In this case the phone will connect to the monitor as normal, the audio data will transfer through the monitor to the Hugo2 and then to my headphones.

    3. DeX station: it looks like the station has several outputs, would Ik be able to connect one of these to the DAC?

    4. Monitor out via some other port to hugo2? Bear in mind I will need 1 USBc port for connecting the phone to the monitor and also another port for charging the monitor via portable battery pack, so if it is going to be some other port outputting the data to hugo2 then the monitor may have to have 3 ports.
  6. thamasha69
    I saw an old post from July 2018 requesting support for the Vivo Nex S. I am wondering if the hi-res direct driver support was implemented for the device? Looking at the UAPP website I only saw the Vivo X20 plus and Xplay 6 listed.
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  7. Davy Wentzler
    You need to have root access and add UAPP's package name to a file in order to have access to the HiRes chip. Vivo has never answered our requests to add our app to this list, so only rooting would help.
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  8. thamasha69
    Thank you much for following up. I'm not aware of a way to root the Nex S. Maybe someday there will be a way.
  9. DBaldock9
    I have no idea if this article is legitimate, or not - but it does mention several ways to root your device - https://helpandroid.com/how-to-root-vivo-nex-s/
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  10. jasonb
    The Morphit add on is amazing. Using the Harman target on an M50x, and an HD650 is awesome. I use UAPP with a Pixel 3a, an NX4DSD, and Google Play Music.
  11. thamasha69
    Thank you much, I'll have to poke around XDA Forums and see if anyone's done this.
  12. rubenesque
    Hello Forum;

    I need your help:

    My new Samsung 10+ with Android 9 is not sending any data to my ifi xDSD dac while using UAPP.
    I have re-installed UAPP twice, bought new OTG cable, etc, etc.

    I am thinking some android services are not running after last month's update, but I would not know which ones they are, or how to run them.

    xDSD sees the connection with the phone as the LED turns white, but UAPP thinks no DAC is connected.
    I used to turn on the xDSD and Android will see it and suggest UAPP as the app.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance.
  13. gattari
    Davy Wentzler it is in program the possibility to see a video in another app and listening with usbaudioplayer the audio streaming. Thinking to see a film with Kodi and listening with your nice app using at same time the excellent morphit. Thanks
  14. Davy Wentzler
    No, that's technically impossible. You cannot route audio from other apps into UAPP.
  15. Toshu
    I have been using the app successfully for about a year on an Android TV box with a Topping DX7S dac plugged in. The TV box has 3 USB ports.
    I am thinking of buying and trying out the new SMSL M500 DAC. Will the app allow the signal to go out to 2 USB ports, thereby allowing me to compare the 2 DACs side by side?
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