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USB Audio Recorder PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 5, 2014.
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  1. ratdog
    Is there an ETA?
  2. WitzyZed
    If you have Android Platform Tools / ADB, connect your device to computer over usb, have developer options enabled and usb debugging turned on, and in terminal, type adb shell then enter then type dumpsys media.audio_flinger then enter you get what android system is reporting for sample rate. test it yourself.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
  3. digititus
    Already answered by the developer - when Amazon provides the required access to their service.
  4. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    It's been pointed out in this thread very recently that UAPP does not use Android audioflinger but rather other dedicated audio APIs provided by manufacturers where available... And the bugged result of trying to use UAPP HiRes on our players which do not provide such an API certainly attests to that (although as I pointed out, in our case simply enabling variable sample rate output on standard Android driver allows the same results on PCM audio)
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  5. Davy Wentzler
    The screenshot is true. The app can never know which actual sample rate is used. The real question is which Android device this is and which flags and format is used.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
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  6. Davy Wentzler
    1) I'm sorry, I have no idea. Usually, the hires config of a device supports multiple formats. In the end they should all sound the same when feeding 24-bit
    4a) We are not allowed to since you don't get the 'authored' MQA sound
    4b) That's the whole purpose of MQA isn't it: that it sounds better! The MQA file is created from high quality masters (usually anyway), so this means higher sample rate and greater bit depth. This information is kept to a certain degree in the MQA file and gets lost on a 16-bit 44.1kHz CD. There is also more than that going on in MQA, like compensating for the filtering effects in the ADC and DAC process.

    Although we definitely want to display meta data for your radio station stream, I simply lack the knowledge to do it. Sorry to be so honest, this might be uncommon for a company to do, but there you have it. For many stations from Shoutcast, I managed to do that, but apparently there is not a single method for this kind of meta data.
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  7. Skepsis
    Thank You Davy, very honest indeed, and also informative.

    You are certainly more in the position to be heard Your opinion regarding MQA restrictions regarding DSP Usage, so my considerations:

    The primary need for using an EQ is by the huge and probably growing community of aging audiophiles is a massive one: to compensate for high frequency hearing loss and as such is comparable to using spectacles. Nobody would deny using eyeglasses to visitors of an art gallery, just for sake of unaltered visual perception - rather to the contrary, an authentic perception could only be restored by using such correction tools. I personally have a 1,5 kHz wide 8-10 dB bump around 4 kHz at least for the last 30 Years, and now above 60 I have to apply a high shelf additionally to compensate for age-dependent loss above 10 kHz.

    In addition to this to compensate for some gear specifics should also be considered as legitimate.

    BR. Attila
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  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Tell that to MQA... :sigh:
  9. Davy Wentzler
    That's exactly what I told them.
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  10. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Another way to better the SQ of your attached portable USB DAC is by a USB Regen/Reclock device such as an LH Labs Revive or JCAT USB Isolator or the likes.

    LG V20 running UAPP attached to -> LH Labs Revive (Black, USB Regen/Reclock w/ battery) and to -> LH Labs GO2Pro Signature EX (Red, USB Dac)

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  11. Davy Wentzler
    I might have improved speed while retaining correct sorting order. Please send me an email at info AT extreamsd.com if you want to test a beta.
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  12. Mastermind
    Thanks Davy. Sure, that would be great to test it. I'll send an email today.
  13. Davy Wentzler
    Please do
  14. felix3650
    @Davy Wentzler

    Greetings Davy.
    Long time user of your app and loving it so far (keep it up!!). I'm using it with my Asus Zenfone 6 and a Dragonfly Red (for now). I would like to ask you guys something: I use 2 google accounts on my phone. I've bought the app in one of them (the old one) but would like to transfer the license to my newer one. Is this possible?
  15. Davy Wentzler
    No, Google doesn't do that and we don't have the ability to do that.
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