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USB Audio Recorder PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 5, 2014.
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  1. daniel_hokkaido
  2. Davy Wentzler
    Will come, but first something else I spent a whole week on.
  3. dc-k
    looking forward to it, great software, works nicely with Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, in case no one has mentioned this...
  4. victorcc
    That is great, thanks a lot!
  5. DanBa
    USB Audio Player PRO 1.0.8 / 1.0.9 BETA using "libavcodec" to decode a lot of audio formats (Apple Lossless, ....) among others.
  6. Theogenes
    Okay guys, I have some pretty exciting news to share: it looks like there's a way to share external hard drives with an Android device and have the files stored on the hard drive play through USBPP and output to a USB DAC!!! I just got it working and wanted to share! (If someone has already done this before, then please excuse my excitement-- but this seems to me to be a method of getting access to vast quantities of music at high quality while on the go, and unless I've missed it this hasn't been accomplished yet). 
    Current Setup: FLAC files on a WD 1TB external HD >>[standard USB]>> Ravpower FileHub >>[WiFi connection]>> Nexus 7 Tablet (USBPP & MobileFun) >>[micro-to-mini USB OTG cable]>> iBasso D-Zero DAC/amp >> ASG-2 IEMs
    Basically, the Ravpower FileHub allows you to plug an external hard drive into its USB port and it will both power the drive and read its contents. The MobileFun app then allows you to access any files that are stored on the hard drive wirelessly-- which is critical for our purposes, as the USB port will be used by your DAC. At that point, after you've set up and connected the Ravpower (which takes a few minutes and isn't dead-stupid simple, but isn't super difficult), you can browse the files on the hard drive, select USBPP as the default application, and (assuming you've already plugged in and connected your USB DAC), you can play the files stored on the hard drive through your external USB DAC. 
    As I'm a bit excited and somewhat scatterbrained at the moment, I'm going to try to break everything down into steps to make it easier: 
    Things You'll Need
    Android device compatible with USBPP
    Ravpower FileHub (Amazon link)
    External USB hard drive (and USB cable to connect to FileHub; I'm using a WD 1TB external HD [model WDBABM0010BBK-00], although I believe you could use any number of USB hard drives, not just this model)
    External USBPP-compatible DAC
    USB OTG cable for connecting DAC to Android device
    USB Player Pro Android App (Play Store)
    MobileFun Android App (Ravpower Site)
    Download and install USBPP on your Android device
    -Connect it to your USB DAC and ensure it can play local files from your device
    Download and install MobileFun on your Android device
    -Connect your FileHub to your Android device via WiFi (there is a manual that comes with the FileHub that walks you through most of it)
    -Complete the setup process and make sure you're able to browse files stored on your hard drive via the MobileFun app
    Open up the files you want to play in MobileFun, choose "USB Player Pro" as the media player you want to use, and voila!
    We now have the ability to use our Android devices as media renderers and sources for terabytes of externally-stored high-resolution music while on the go, and can listen to music via pretty much any damn DAC or amp we want!!! 
    Again, please excuse my excitement and the disorganized nature of my post-- I've just been wanting to try this for almost a month, finally got a chance to do so, and am just STOKED that it's working!! 
    I'm going to cross-post this in the Andrdoid DAC thread as well. Looking forward to seeing how it works for others!!!!  
  7. Davy Wentzler
    Nice! By the way, you can also access locally stored Google Music songs if you remove the .nomedia file in the directory where the songs are stored.
  8. Theogenes
    Awesome!! So just to clarify, you would not be able to access songs you store on the cloud nor streaming songs from GM, but you would be able to play songs you download and save locally from GM, correct? 
  9. Davy Wentzler
    That's correct. I did some research, and Google Music doesn't have a public API so we won't be able to access it through streaming. Spotify does have an API though so there is hope there, although I think it was limited to 16-bit.
  10. Theogenes
    Good to know!! Thanks Davy!!
  11. twochannel
    Would love a way to integrate this with bubbleupnp. I stream my flacs from home via the bubbleupnp server with great success. I think bubble has looked into allowing alternative music players vs his built-in one, but I guess it only plays one song at a time, sounds like a limitation of how android exposes that capability.
    But perhaps UAPP could talk to the bubbleserver directly if he were to publish or share his APIs?
  12. Theogenes
    I also use BubbleUPnP to stream from my computer to a renderer (in my case, an Android mini-PC). On the application itself (at least as it currently stands in Android), you can pick what application you'd like to use as the default for audio filetypes (as well as video). So if you had something sending the audio across (JRMC 19, in this instance), I can't imagine why you couldn't use USBPP with Bubble. Of course, in my case, the control is done from the computer, not from the rendering device, so that might or might not work for you, depending on how you have everything set up and want it to work. 
    HTH! :)
  13. dynacampjim
    I am quite intrigued by this. I use BubbleUPnP as well with an Android mini PC, except in my case I have my music on an external drive attached to the mini PC by USB. I use my phone or tablet as a controller to play through my speakers, or if listening on headphones, just use the mini PC/external drive as the library and my phone or tablet as a renderer. I have just looked through all the settings in BubbleUPnP and although I can see where to choose a player for video, I can't find anything to allow me to play through another audio player. Have I misunderstood the above or can you point me/us to where in the settings , another app for audio can be chosen ?
  14. twochannel
    Same here, I've never seen that popup for music when using BubbleUPNP, whether controlled locally or remotely (foobar2000)
  15. daniel_hokkaido
    Any eta for folder view? I mean who bothers tagging their music. Life is too short. 
    Currently finding my music takes ages though lol! ironic. 
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