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USB Audio Recorder PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 5, 2014.
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  1. Davy Wentzler
    Only by Huawei I'm afraid.
  2. Toshu
    Although I have been using UAPP with an Android TV box and Topping DX7S DAC, I just tried using it with my Pixel 3XL and a newly purchased Soditer USB-C DAC adapter and it seems to work but Volume is out of control.
    The volume is very high and so far everything I have have tried in Settings does not work. I am not able to change or control the volume.
    Any suggestions on the settings I need to have so that I can control volume via the Pixel volume buttons??
  3. Davy Wentzler
    If you go into the Volume/Fx dialog and press hardware volume, do you see a control there and if so, does it work?
  4. Toshu
    Thanks. Got it working after I flashed new firmware.
  5. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Speaking of Android TV boxes...

    Had extra cash and thinking to have a small computer in my bedroom. Something a do-it-all kind of thing. My Android TV is good for media playback and occasional surfing in the internet. But when I need something for quick editing (documents. pictures, etc.) its limited.

    So enter this baby: A Shuttle DH370 (link)


    Just a little larger than your typical DVD drive and stuffed it with the following:
    Intel i9-9900 (disabled Speedstep/Turbo for heat and acoustic purposes)
    32Gb (16x2) Corsair Vengeance 2666Mhz
    1Tb Samsung Evo Plus m.2 SSD
    Intel AC 9260 Wifi + 5.0 Bluetooth


    Installed the latest Windows 10 tweaked it to be as lean as possible. Along with JRiver MC 25 w/ Izotope Ozone Advanced 8.02 as plugins...

    SO...the SOUND QUALITY??
    My Android TV Box + UAPP is BETTER! :tired_face:

    Spent 1,400 euros to find out (AGAIN) that my 200 euro Android TV box setup is better! :rage:

    I was just fortunate that my (other, older) Android TV box (Himedia Q10 Pro) has a USB 3.0 port to your PC.


    Now I got a TWIN system. Got a so called do-it-all mini PC that can access my 8TB drive from my Android TV. And the Android TV for my listening and (along w/ my PC) other media pleasure. My newer Beelink GT-King was moved elsewhere.


    Sharing this for those people who wants to go to that road (AGAIN) hoping to have a better media experience.


    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  6. Toshu

    Thats a lot of PC in a small box. I am still using my TX8 box but will probably get something more powerful later this year, November.

    I do have a question for you. Is the 8TB HDD inside or external?? With my external drive, UAPP wants to rescan my Library each time I turn it on....and a full scan takes forever. Is there someway to force UAPP to not rescan and just give me the previously scanned library data??
  7. m-i-c-k-e-y
    With the Himedia Q10 Pro the 8Tb HDD is INSIDE the TV box.
    With the Beelink GT-King, its on a external usb 3.0 box.

    I have 55K songs on my library and I don't have issues on BOTH TV boxes as what you have describe.

    Am using folders/directory structure w/in UAPP to move about. And have experience about a second lag. But that's it.

    My UAPP setup are mostly default. Did not touch Library settings.
  8. LightBlue77
    Has anyone tried uapp on Lg V50? does it work? people on V50 thread say the quad dac is not detected by uapp. Thanks.
  9. Davy Wentzler
    Then they should contact me directly instead of complaining there. I did add support for the V50, but there may perhaps be some different model numbers that have not been added yet.
    Dannemand and buonassi like this.
  10. LightBlue77
    i am considering buying V50, this is the reason i asked here. i'll redirect them here :)
  11. Toshu
    In library mode, on the Beelink, does it ask to rescan the files each time you turn it on??
  12. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Nope. I am always on Folders view. Don't know with the rest.
  13. max232
    I have to say that this is the best sounding Android audio player that I've tried and I think that I've tried them all. Paired with a Dragonfly DAC in Bit Perfect mode is just incredible. And MQA unfolding to boot. Thanks for all your hard work.
  14. spikeyw
    I have created many EQ settings for different IEMs and wish to use these on another device. Does anyone know what folder are the EQ files stored in so I can copy these. Just to add I don't mean the parametric EQ as I've located these already.

    Great software and have purchased all the in-apps and enjoy the improved sound.
  15. DBaldock9
    Trying to see if it's possible to post on this thread - Since going to Page 199 seems to cause an Amazon product image to be displayed, rather than the UAPP thread discussion.
    UPDATE: I can see Page 199 in the Opera Beta Browser on my phone, so it may just be an issue with Firefox on my PC.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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