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USB Audio Recorder PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 5, 2014.
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  1. mrgo
    Hi Davy,
    I have just switched from using Neutron to UAPP for use with the Chord Hugo as UAPP can play nice with Redbook to DSD.
    Thanks for creating a very good player that produces amazing sound and it stable
    Since switching from Neutron, I am trying to setup Playlists with UAPP which is not going well
    Currently I use a Sunsung Note 4 as the transport and have multiple microsd cards loaded with Redbook (FLAC), DSD (DSF) and 24/88 - 24/192 (FLAC).
    The issue centres from UAPP's use of the PLA format for playlist management. If I create a playlist and remove and replace the MicroSD then all playlist data disappears. I have tried adding an MU3 to the Notes playlist folder, it gets read and the information is displayed in UAPP as it may have been re-read as PLA. Upon the removal of the MicroSD card and reinsertion of the same card with the same path details to the Microsd, no playlist data is shown?
    It would be very useful if UAPP could deal with M3u or M3u8 playlists, is this possible?
    In addition when using DSD (Dsf) file with id3v2 tags I have no Metadata being pulled through as I do with FLAC tags (Album, Artist, etc.)
    The addition of 'Genre' alongside 'Album' and 'Artist' would be very useful and would provide a better sorting solution for larger catalogues
    Thanks again for all your efforts from a very happy user of a solid solution
  2. daniel_hokkaido
    Hi davy 
    I have been having a usb cable issue with Audio player pro. I just logged a report to the 
    debugger if that was the right way to send you a report? Or do you need it as an emailed
    Im using an apex glacier with my current cable with your software for ages. No issues. 
    But recently if I nudge my A side of the cable which is connected into my phone (Samsung S3) 
    it pauses the track playing. This only happens when I nudge the A side of the usb cable to 
    the right. Not if I move it to the left or back and forth. So connection would seem to not 
    being broken, and android thinks it's still connected the whole time. 
    I enabled USB debugging as previously it didn't just pause moving the cable to the right crashed
    my entire phone ..black screen and had to remove battery to get phone to reboot. This seems 
    to not be happening now though. Even with USB debugging back off. bit of a mystery. 
    Short of trying a new cable I assume it is something in the hardware of the S3?? 
  3. Davy Wentzler
    UAPP 1.4.7 that went out today writes playlists for local folders in .m3u format. However, it can not read .m3u's at the moment if they are not in the UAPP/Playlists folder.
  4. Davy Wentzler
    Hi Daniel,
    In any case it doesn't sound like an issue we could address. I think a new cable would be best.
  5. h1f1add1cted

    So if I copy my existing .m3u files to that location this will work?
    Could you please tell me the path of this playlist folder?
  6. Davy Wentzler

    Hopefully. The path is UAPP/Playlists.
  7. h1f1add1cted
    Thanks yes this path works fine I copied my m3u files and the new button in UAPP show this playlists, but if I click on an existing m3u file no playback starts (only black emtpy window in UAPP) - my m3u files are internet radios is this the root problem? Only local files for m3u playlists supported right?
  8. Davy Wentzler
    UAPP cannot play internet radio, so yeah, that won't work.
  9. h1f1add1cted
    Could you please add this support for future releases, this is the last what I miss :)
  10. gavinfabl
    Great thread and app!

    I read deleting the .nomedia file allows you access to downloaded google play music tracks. Ive done this but it doesnt read artists details etc just for example 11445.mp3

    Have i missed something?
  11. Davy Wentzler
    No, artist/album information is only read when using the Android media database (Artists/Albums/Songs/Playlists).
  12. gavinfabl

    Ok, thats fine. Thanks for replying so fast.
  13. DevilofLife
    Just started using the UAPP can't load any of my dsf files but it will load all my flac files from my micro sd card can someone please help me.
  14. h1f1add1cted
    What phone do you have and which DAC do you have?
    I can play with UAPP up to DSD256 (dff and dsf files) and DXD384 (wav files) without any issue.
  15. DevilofLife
    Using Note 4 and VentureCraft Vantam. My micro-sd card only has flac and dsf files but the UAPP only able to search all my flac files but none of my dsf files.
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