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USB Audio Recorder PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 5, 2014.
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  1. dhinchcliffe
    So I am unable to get my iDSD Micro to work with UAPP 1.4.5 no matter what I try.  My setup is as follows:
    Galaxy S3 with Android 4.4.1
    iDSD Micro
    Various OTG adapters
    UAPP 1.4.5
    Everything is on the supported list here: http://www.extreamsd.com/USBAudioRecorderPRO/
    However, under no circumstances can I get UAPP to recognize the iDSD Micro. It just says 'USB Device Unsupported' each time. I've tried every combination I can think of in terms of resetting devices, trying fresh cables, turning the iDSD on for a minute before plugging into the phone and launching UAPP, etc.
    Interestingly, I can also plug a FiiO E18 into the S3 at any time, launch UAPP, and I'm off to the races right away (as long I don't want to play DSD or >96Khz files). So the phone is definitely able of output to a DAC over USB.
    I've played with all the settings in UAPP to see if it's something there but no go.
    Any ideas? (Love the app, just really want to use it for all of my files.)
  2. Davy Wentzler
    'USB device unsupported' is not a message in our app, at least not in that exact form. Please contact us at info AT extreamsd.com since we are not allowed to give support through this forum.
  3. dhinchcliffe
    Thanks greatly for responding. In the end, I was able to figure out the issue and I'm posting what I discovered here as it may be useful for those using or evaluating UAPP for purposes similar to mine.
    I originally left out the details of my USB cable configuration -- and my motivation for it -- in the above description. Basically I want a FLAC/DSD player on Android which can play from an external USB file source, so I can support unlimited external storage, namely my whole digital music collection.
    My overarching goal for my portable audio rig has been to support my entire music library, and with UAPP I'm getting very close. Specifically, I'd like to be able to connect a portable player (Android phone), + DAC (the iDSD Micro), + USB storage containing all of my FLAC, MP3, and most importantly, DSD files. Because of the latter type of file especially, I require external storage, so I want to connect a super large thumb drive or hard drive to the rig -- and mounted to the phone OS -- AT THE SAME TIME AS THE DAC.  This means I need a micro hub since Android phones usually have only one USB port. I used a Kirin hub, though I tried several powered micro hubs as well. None worked with UAPP in the end.
    Again, the objective here is to use UAPP to play music directly from the thumb drive out through the DAC. This is the ideal configuration for a portable rig, as it will support any amount of music I might have on storage, in other words my master collection of several hundred gigabytes of files I've collected since the 1980s.
    So, the exact config was this: I had the Galaxy S3, the iDSD Micro, and a large thumb drive with my music all connected together with a micro USB hub. The thumb drive worked fine. The DAC, apparently, not so much.
    Here's what I found when I tried to use two configurations -- the first plain with OTG connector, the second with hub -- and with or without the thumb drive:
    Config 1) Galaxy S3 + regular OTG connector + iDSD Micro + UAPP = Everything works Fine
    Config 2) Galaxy S3 + OTG USB hub (with or without thumb drive also plugged) + iDSD Micro + UAPP = 'Error: Failed to initialize USB device!'
    I previously reported that the error as USB device unsupported, but that was from memory and incorrect. It was the initialization error.
    So my question is this: Do I have the wrong type of USB Microhub or does UAPP not work with USB hubs?
  4. Davy Wentzler
    Some USB audio interfaces even require a hub (for power or timing correction), basically the app doesn't know if you are using a hub or not. Most people though, are using an OTG cable + a normal hub, so not a 'OTG usb hub'.
  5. h1f1add1cted
    General question about DSD playback with UAPP.
    My current setup:
    Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.4.4
    iFi micro iDSD
    latest version of UAPP
    The micro iDSD has a LED indicator which native playback is enabled.

    And I get a Blue color light if I play a DSD256 file (which is native DSD256!), if where it a PCM stream the color would be Green, Cyan or Yellow depending on the source file format.
    Now my question how can this a be a PCM stream if the iFi micro iDSD show the correct color? This is confusing.
    Btw. Playback of DSD256 and DXD384 runs without any problem very great performance.
  6. Davy Wentzler
    Ok, not sure what you mean here. DSD64 equals a 176400Hz sample rate and DSD128 a 352800Hz rate. DSD256 would be 705600Hz (never tried that). Does the app show 705600Hz? The iFi micro DSD shows blue when it's DSD256, so that sounds correct.
    We don't support DXD as far as I know, so I wonder why DXD384 would work..
  7. h1f1add1cted
    Yes the app shows to me:
    File: 705600Hz
    DAC: 705600Hz
    and the color LED is Blue on the micro iDSD which stands for native DSD256.
    and for DXD the same:
    File: 384000Hz
    DAC: 384000Hz
    and the color LED is Yellow on the micro iDSD which stands for native DXD384.
    It works fine no glichting or other issues so far, I'm only asking because I've read DSD-to-PCM and so on. [​IMG] 
  8. Davy Wentzler
    No, UAPP plays DSD without conversion to PCM. It's playing over the standard PCM 'stream', but it is marked with something that lets the DAC know that the stream is DSD.
  9. h1f1add1cted
    Ok thanks, it seems I've did a miss read about that. But anyway, DSD256 und DXD384 works fine.
    Btw. my only wish for UAPP for an improvement is, please make the GUI more "light", like smaller font sizes and read the the full file names of the music files or long folder names. I'm using my S4 with his 5" (1920x1080 pixel) screen in landscape mode, and Android font size setting is “small”, but still I can't fully read longer file names or folders. I'm using only folder playback, I prefer folder playback over all.
  10. dhinchcliffe
    Very interesting. If I'm interpreting what you're saying correctly, then my desired configuration of DAC + USB storage device, with UAPP able to access both at the same time via a hub is possible. I just need to find the right configuration of hubs and cables. Is that right?
  11. Davy Wentzler
    That's right.
  12. daniel_hokkaido
    Any possibility player could read CUE files so I dont have to split them up? I know this works no probs with audirvana on my macbook. cheers! 
  13. reddington
    Brilliant app functionalitywise. Just dropped in to show my appreciation.

    However would love to see a new GUI. The interface is .....ummmm .......ugly. (Personal opinion)
    qafro likes this.
  14. karistep
    Hi thank you for your job on uapp software.

    Could you please introduce UPnP/DLNA network streaming capability ?
  15. peter123

    +1, for me this is the only thing missing from making it my one and only player.
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