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USB Audio Recorder PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 5, 2014.
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  1. qafro
    I've bought this awesome app but the GUI is lacking.
    How do I add network Dropbox or Google drive or Google music to UAPP?
  2. cat6man
    just got my GeekOut (GO450) but no joy here.
    Nexus tablet with latest android OS, latest UAPP, OTG cable to GO450.
    result:  USB device not found when i try to play music via GO450.
    two lights are on (44.1 and dsd)
    same config works fine with meridian explorer dac.
    is this a known GO problem or do i have settings/sequencing wrong?
    anyone got this working with UAPP and nexus tablet?
    edit:  possibly a power drain issue?  i've seen a few references to that, so it would be useful to know if i can solve this with a powered hub or OTG-Y cable with separate power,
    or if the problem is more fundamental.
  3. m-i-c-k-e-y
    For Geek Out I use this sequence for my Note 3

    1. Insert OTG
    2. Insert GO
    3. Insert plug on 47Ohm (NOT 0.47 Ohm it gives me High Power error)
    4. *Play a song using stock, Neutron, Poweramp or other player and exit
    5. Use UAPP.

    a. I use #4 for Note 3. Its not needed on my Note 10.1 (2014) and Tab S 8.4 LTE
    b. All are using Android 4.4.2
  4. cat6man
    fails for me.
    i still get the same failure (no usb device seen by uapp)
    44.1k and DSD lights are both on.
    nexus 7 (2013 version) with android 4.4.4
    any clues in the lights that go on?
  5. mlxx
    Got the Tab S 10.5 working with the Burson Conductor, it doesn't need UAPP, it works with any music app via USB it seems. But every now and then I get a dropout/stutter regardless of the player used so I tried UAPP and so far there have been no dropouts. Does UAPP support replaygain? Can't see that option anywhere, its a must have feature for me.
  6. qafro
    What's Burson Conductor?
  7. qafro
    how do you set it up with UAPP?
  8. dynacampjim
    Just got back from holiday.
    I'm trying to remember what I did - it was a while ago ! I believe I made a playlist in ArkMC and used a long press to select UAPP as the app for playback. However, I believe that although Davy has sorted the original problem of the trial version only playing one track, that will not apply to ArkMC - in other words, it will only play one track at a time ( but I have not tried lately ! ) Hope that helps.
  9. DanBa
  10. Percival
    Thanks for this great app. I have bought it, but was slightly disappointed by the fact that it can only shuffle play within one directory over the network. If it could shuffle among all sub-directories (as Neutron does) then I could actually use it. Hopefully that's not too hard a feature to implement. I'm looking forward to finally replacing Neutron.
  11. Davy Wentzler

    Next release will have it.
  12. Percival
    Best news of the day! Thanks Davy - great work.
  13. DanBa
    Latest version of USB Audio Player PRO: 1.4.0 
    * Added Party Shuffle by pressing the Shuffle button twice or choosing 'Party shuffle' by long-tapping a folder in 'Local folder/network'. This plays a random selection of all your songs in the media database or from all subdirectories of the selected directory for folder/network playback.
    * Local folder and network selection is now similar to artist/album selection, showing album art when available.
    * Reduced time to start playback when streaming from network.
    * Moved some network actions to a background thread.
    * Added preference setting for currently playing list view transparency.
    * Solved an issue which prevented DAC's to be detected on certain devices like the Nexus 9.
    * Rotating the screen while in network selection mode caused a crash. Solved.
    * Moving a song after the currently playing item position would not play that song after the currently playing item had finished. Solved.
    * Scrolling the current playlist when re-arranging songs was too slow on higher resolution screens. Solved.
    * Solved crash on pause/stop when changing to alt setting 0 failed."
  14. cat6man
    Does GeekOut DAC work now? (Nexus 9 item)
  15. daniel_hokkaido
    hey Davey 
    In folder view I have 4kb named files for each song in an album , which I have to scroll down through to get to the flac files in the folder for the album. 
    Im not sure if it's just the ripping software I used but when I hook the sd card up to my pc i don't see these 4kb files. 
    Any way to have a filter toggle for folder view which can turn off folder view showing these files? Poweramp uses folder view and I never
    have seen these files ...but obviously I no longer use poweramp :) 
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