USB Audio newbie Project
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May 28, 2015
Hello all, My name is Jerry. I am new to this forum and to this topic. I have "some" experience with circuit design and electronics, as well as experience with audio recording and mixing, however I have yet to merge the two. I have recently taken up the task of running sound board  at a local church  they have a really talented youth band and some decent audio equipment. I took a bunch of spare parts I had lying around and built a Linux recording system with AVLinux, I need to develop a mufti channel input interface with next to no money. my first searches introduced me to Texas Instruments  PCM1850, 12 channel A/D Converter. I am now looking for intelligent friendly sorts to educate me on the dos and don'ts and  ins and outs of how to put something like this together, and what not to put together. In the end I would like a "reasonably decent" quality  USB  mufti channel audio interface  we could share with the masses. I am not set on any chip-set or manufacturer this, PCM1850 was my first find, it may not be the best, or even what I am looking for at all, I don't know enough to know what I need at this point, any info, advice, concerns, Ideas, and criticisms, send them my way please, all are all welcome. 

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