USB as digital out transfer ok?
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May 28, 2009
I am currently trying to build a future home rig. So far I will be using my laptop to be my digital source. My laptop will feed the Benchmark DAC1 HDR via USB cable which then feeds a headphone amplifier then to the Sennheiser HD800's. According to Benchmark, their latest DAC allows USB to have same porformance as other connections by reducing jitter and naturally allowing 24 bit audio at sample rates up to 96khz. Is this marketing bull or is this really true? I need your input, thanks.... Also if you can recommend me a better DAC for my needs under $3,000 that would be greatly appreciated.
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Help will be greatly appreciated...
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It's apparently true. They use the TAS1020B chipset with firmware from Centrance that allows 24/96 over USB. You can probably find more posts on it by googling "Benchmark TAS1020B".
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You may take a look at the OMZ DAC/PREAMP. The OMZ DAC/PREAMP coupled with the Oritek X-2 and X-1 cables is the most transparent home audio gear you can own. I like what one of my friends said about this set up - "The King of Transparency" and "Preamp-less preamp & Cable-less cables !!"

I have posted about DAC1 v.s. OMZ a while ago.

You need a usb sound card with a coax output though.

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