usb analog tv/fm card for winxp
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Jul 8, 2008
Hi everyone, i use a digital receiver for tv, which i connect to my dac (or did in the past) preamp power amp and speakers. I am fed up with it however and want to get rid of it. I was htinking of going to a pc based solution and since I also want to be able to use it with a laptop I thought usb would be the way to go. Has anyone got experience with this? I am using windows xp home/pro at home, will this work or do I need window smedia center? I would like a solution which is as plug an dplay as possible. I wonder, does usb not have worse performance then a built-in pci or pcie card?
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I've used several PC methods including IDE, AGP and PCI with great results. I cannot speculate on a USB version as I've not used one. I've used a few different brands including ATI, Nvidia, Philipps and other off-names. All have worked to my expectations or better.

I currently have an eVGA nVidia NVTV PCI TV/FM tuner card sitting right here new in the box. A friend wanted one in her desktop to combine PC/TV in her small apartment but her PC died, she replaced it with a laptop and moved to a bigger apartment.

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Hey yeah I live in a small apartment too my big desk has all my audio and computer gear on it and is really cramped. I am blind myself but still enjoy listening to radio and tv. I have a digital tuner but I am getting sick of it and becaus eI have no tv anymore (i dont get many visitors but still not my smartest move because now I cant fix the reveiver in the event of problems) I guessed it would just be better to move to a pc-based solution sinc eI have the pc turned on always anyway. I am doing some research now. I found a dutchcomparative review but that was taken in january of 2008 and apparently a lot has changed in this market since then. I would think to get one of the bigger name products although I might check philips out since they are a dutch brand.
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