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USB Amp/DAC for ESW9 and SA6?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by rndmness, Oct 23, 2010.
  1. Rndmness
    Hi everyone,
    I've recently bought a ESW9 and SA6. I'm running them through my iPod touch and plugged directly into my onboard Realtek ALC888. The main purpose of the amp/dac that I am trying to buy is to improve the sound of my computer as much as possible for around $240. It would be nice if the amp could help with the instrument separation in the ESW9 and add a little bass and clarity to the SA6. 
    After spending a few days looking around the forums and scanning the vast amounts of information available, I have found that iBasso products seem to stand out in this price bracket. Especially the D10, D4 and D2+. I've read that the D4 is better than the D10. Can anyone confirm this? And how much better is the D10/D4 than the D2+? It would be especially helpful if you have heard any of these amps paired with any of my headphones and make a comment. Also, how much of an improvement will I hear when upgrading to an external amp/dac from onboard sound?
    If it helps, my music library contains mostly pop, trance and rock. 
  2. Rndmness
  3. Rndmness
    What if I changed the question to:
    How do both of these amps colour the sound? Make it warmer? Tone down the bass? Etc...
  4. Rndmness
  5. kimberlynojqh7

    Can you share it with us? I have the issue which is similar to what you have faced, Anybody can answer it? It's long.

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