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US Head-Fi Tour: PWAudio CIEM Upgrade Cables (Both 2-Pin and MMCX) - Starting October 2018

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  1. Likeimthere
    Lol can I get the kit again?! I miss the 1950s... :confounded:
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  2. doctorjazz
    I got it yesterday, try to listen today (live music last night, still the number 1 way for me to listen)
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  3. bvng3540
    Then buy it aaf evo selling his for a great price:ksc75smile:
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  4. SeeSax
    Don’t get me started. I’m going to make him an offer after I have a few more beers!
  5. doctorjazz
    Wife it at the Post Office sending off the package to the next on the list, @kubig123 AS I TYPE!!!
    Enjoyed the limited time I had with them, particularly the 1950, which really opened up the sound on my Empire Ears Phantom customs. Was a bit taken back when I connected them up (of course, since they cost close to the price of the Phantoms, they SHOULD sound great...)
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  6. kubig123
  7. eldss
    I also shipped the West Coast kit is on its way to @faithguy19 and should deliver tomorrow. I will post thoughts, but my favorites were Xerxes, Saladin. Loved the 1950 till I went to see the price.
  8. kubig123
    Received all the cables and adapters this morning, already enjoying the 1950, 1960 and 1980 during my lunch break.
  9. Likeimthere
    Sigh.... if only I had the extra dough laying around... just had to replace an AC unit... :chart_with_downwards_trend:
  10. faithguy19
    Received the kit today. Looking forward to it but it is overwhelming.
  11. faithguy19
    F47D0DDE-C23C-4A9E-B75A-9695B2AB525F.jpeg 315C9BE2-DDF2-4B55-96C7-74D5A3C09506.jpeg
  12. eldss
    I didn't get to share my thoughts, but I wanted to once again thank @Barra and Music Sanctuary for organizing this tour. My time with the cables was limited, as I've been very busy with work and enjoying time with my 15 month old daughter takes much or my time when I'm home. The amount of cables was overwhelming and I certainly didn't dedicate enough time to them, but certainly was impressed. I started from the bottom up and was and these were my thoughts when paired with my A12ts:

    Copper V2: I felt this was the warmest of all of them, yet was very detailed. For a basshead, this thing turned the bass on the A12ts into a cannon, but compared to stock cable, I felt that overall both highs and lows got better. For a long listening, I could see the lows getting a little fatiguing although I didn't switch to the M15 modules to tame the bass to see if that would have been a better match. The sound stage wasn't the greatest, but it certainly is a very affordable alternative and a great first upgrade from a stock cable.

    Helix: was actually very nice and among my favorites. The comfort and weight were excellent and it made the bass sound more controlled and overall it sounded more refined, was very easy to listen, nothing seemed to be boosted on the A12ts, but it just paired very nicely. Intimate vocals, airy on top and nothing was offensive. Sound stage width I felt took a massive improvement compared to the Copper V2. In a way, I kinda felt, as if it was a poor man's alternative to the 1950s, so I'd be curious to see if anyone else felt the same way. This was a great cable and I'd say probably the best in price/performance ratio. Also, for a musician or someone who needs something portable, this is an excellent cable.

    Saladin 4 Wire: I was most interested in trying this cable at first. Like the Helix, compared to the Copper V2, there is definitely more refinement, sound stage expansion and the bass is better controlled. I felt that this is a cable easy to like, as it has a warmish presentation, yet everything sounded very detailed. I liked it, but it kinda reminded me of my Thor 2, so I didn't feel the urge to get one, but it's a very nice cable that I could see would pair very nicely with a lot of iems.

    Xerxes 4 Wire: This was my absolute favorite, and I think it's what I'll end up getting. Like the Saladin, bu to a better degree, it's an easy to like type of cable, very musical, it just seemed to accentuate what I like about my A12ts that are on the warmish detailed side of things, but everything sounded so refined, nothing overdone. It's very nicely balanced, excellent sound stage expansion in all dimensions. I usually feel that people often exagerate when they say they notice things in music they'd never heard before, but this cable made feel that way, and things just sounded so right, because of it's excellent separation, and non offensive detailed presentation. Ergonomics were excellent, although I wasn't a fan of the metal slider. Definitely my favorite.

    I didn't get to test any of silver cables, nor the 8 wire alternatives due to short time I had. The Xerxes enjoyed must of my attention. I really liked the 1950's, but the price scared me. I thought it would be the cheapest due to it's numbering, until I saw the price and felt sad, because it's a nice cable, although I'm not crazy about the ernonomics. I didn't spend much time with the 1960's which was very nice, did a lot good, but due to the ergonomics, it wasn't of my interest. The 1980's is a beast of a cable, but the ergonomics are terrible. It's stiff and very heavy. I'd wonder if that cable would be better suited for full size headphones, because I couldn't ignore how heavy and stiff it was.

    Another thing I could appreciate on this tour, was that this was my first time testing 4.4mm balanced cables. Unfortunately, I don't have any gear to test directly, but now I want that type of termination, specially because how much stronger it feels compared to 2.5 or even the 3.5. Again, thanks @Barra and Music Sanctuary!
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  13. faithguy19
    I would just like to say the 1950s with my LCDi4's is unfair!!
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  14. SilverEars
    Received the tour kit from @kubig123

    I will be discussing with @Barra on next course of action

    I checked for everything on the list, and looks to be all there including the adapters.

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  15. kubig123
    Now that the cables are on route to the next participant, it's time to sit down and collect my toughs.

    it has been one of the best tour that i participated, and for that i want again to thanks both @Barra and @Kozato to make it happened.
    I've purchased quite few cables from Music Sanctuary and PWAudio is one of my favorite cable company, i love the quality of their cables i bought so far.
    I was mostly interested to try the top of the range, i already own a 1960 (2 wire) and i ware really curious to compare it versus the 1960 8 wire, the 1950 and the 1980.

    I tried these 3 cables with 3 different ciems:
    • Campfire Equinox
    • EE Phantom
    • EE Legend X
    As a source i used the new Lotoo Paw Gold Touch, that has a neutral signature and it has been very interesting how different the result paring these 3 ciems with the above mentioned cables.

    since i saw the first picture of this cable i was really intrigue by the grey rubber sleeve and i have to say, now that i have it in my possession i can say i'm in love with the overall quality of this cable, it was a very tight braiding but is still very supple.

    Since the first minute you start using this cable, you know that is something special, it surprise you with an incredible wast sound-stage with impressive resolution and separation.

    Where this cable shines is in the reproduction of the treble, the extension, the amount of details, the precision layering of the elements allow you to appreciate every single notes with highest details without being too bright or strident.
    Compared to the treble the mid and bass feel more controlled and layback, both are reproduced with the same technical capability of the treble; transition is fast and controlled, the vocals take advantage of the sound stage.

    This cable has been a hit or miss; with the Equinox, the mid and bass were way to recessed to the point it flattened the overall perception.
    With the Phantom was definitely better, still lacking some presence in the lower mid and bass but it help to extend the treble and increase the head room.
    The Legend X provided instead a very interesting experience, the bass was still there with a much quicker transition, increasing the overall resolution and extending the treble but without being to sharp

    it's an extremely technical cable, that allow you to fully appreciate the
    Out of the 3 cables the 1950 is the most transparent cable, it has all the quality of a very refined silver cable.

    As i already pointed out i already had the 1960 (2 wire) and since that purchase i've been dying to try the 4 wire!
    And "unfortunately" it's another great cable, the overall signature is warm with a dense (but absolutely not congested) mid and bass, treble is smoother than the 1950.
    also this cable provide a great soundstage, that i definitely would call it 3d, with great separation and resolution thanks to the soundstage. the 2 wire counterpart is slightly warmer and the soundstage is not at the same level, therefore also the separation and overall details are slightly less pronounced. Out of the 3 cables is the one with the most natural, slower transition.

    it pairs perfectly with the 3 ciems, i feel is the perfect companion to the Phantom, it doesn't change the overall sound signature of the earphones, it just enhance the performance especially due to the soundstage. Extremely fun with the Equinox but slightly too boomy for the Legend X.

    this is another very interesting cable, it's the stiffer of the 3, i used during my daily commute for a couple of days and it's not as comfortable as the other 2.
    the overall signature is the perfect blend between the 1950 and the 1960. it's more colored than the 1950 but not as much as the 1960, as a fast attack and decay as the 1950, but with a strong focus on mid and especially bass, the treble are reproduced with great details and are as extended as the 1950.
    Also this cable as the same great, vast soundstage and separation, overall it found it to be the most interesting one, especially the best for the Legend X, Equinox follows very closely but i personally found it too fast fro the Phantom.

    last point, the most impressive area of all 3 cables is the soundstage, sorry if i repeat myself, all of them have a great soundstage, that i think is very similar in the 3 cables, but i perceive it in a different way due to the 3 different sound signatures.

    if i had to choose one cable i would go with the 1960 4 wire, it's the one that match my preferences and most of my earphones, the 1980 is as interesting but is not as comfortable as the other 2.
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