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US Head-Fi Tour: DITA Audio OSLO Cable Tour - Starting May 2019

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  1. Likeimthere
    Received the cables yesterday! Will be disappearing into the musical abyss... and will reach out to the next two contenders today.
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  2. San Man
    Bill, can I still get in on this? I loved the awesome cable (aside from the wire) and would like to hear this.

    If still able, I agree to the terms and conditions of the tour.
  3. Barra
    I too found the OSLO to be a tuning cable working better with some than others, but my Legend X loved it the most. :)
  4. Barra
    Any thoughts yet?
  5. Likeimthere
    As I wrap up my usage of the cable, I have a few thoughts...

    1. The cable looks beautiful... the sleeve is soft and supple and doesn’t cause any uncomfortable pressure, even after hours of use. I will say the 2pin variation is pretty thick and had to be pushed in with some force on my A18.

    2. It’s almost like you have three cables in one with the choice of the plug ends that you are able I connect. There shouldn’t be a player that you can’t connect it to. The connections are screw to lock, so it gives it a much more solid connection.

    3. With the sound quality, the cable really seems to excel with vocal excellence. Vocals, especially female vocals, sound buttery smooth and give you a soft intimacy. Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” felt like she was sitting in front me singing her heart out... Beyonce you can sing your heart out to me anytime...

    4. Detail is present, but top end sounded smoothed out to really focus in on the vocal intimacy... certain tracks that I listen to were missing that subtle top end detail that I heard when connected to my LEO II vs the OSLO. The detail was softened ever so slightly in the OSLO, but only if you are really paying attention.

    5. Stage width seemed more wide than deep. Holographic, but not with a echo like feel.

    6. Travel with the cable is also excellent. I was able to walk around with it, and even forgot it was with me because it fades into the background.

    @Barra thank you so much for this tour...
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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  6. Likeimthere
    Cable has been shipped off to the next person... happy listening!! :ksc75smile:
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  7. ngoshawk
    I am in possession of the cable set(s), after I chased it down at the local PO. USPS driver failed to honk and come up my driveway for fear of my Aussie. Sigh, day late. Hooking the 2.5bal to the Kinera Sif (becaue I could darnit!!!) and the Shanling M5s listening to Crazy Mary from Big Head Todd & The Monsters. First impressions are of more bass (boomy, but good). Please Don't Tell Her also from BHT sounds sensuous and sublime. Hooking to my UM Maestro V2 and CTM Da Vinci X next. Most likely Atlas as well.

    Good start, great music.
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  8. Ike1985
    I would like to be added to the tour please. I accept all terms.
  9. Barra
  10. Carlsan
    Currently have the Dita set, great cables so far.
    Unfortunately the Cross Lambda Cable Tour Kit came shortly before the Dita kit so I have two in my possession. Sending on the Cross tomorrow. Barra, if it's okay, I need a few more days with the Dita's. SilverEars in Boston will have the same problem as me.
    On second thought, I've got 99 problems but cables ain't one :)
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  11. Carlsan
    Cables on their way tomorrow morning to Tybot as SilverEars asked to be skipped for this turn.
    Really amazing cables. The convenience of the multi-plugs for those of us with more than one source is great. Really, don't understand why more cable makers don't do this.
    As for the sound, I found that it took my Khan's to the next level. Brought out their best features and made the sound sound more intimate, if that is possible. Really made them sound buttery smooth, especially with my Ibasso DX220/amp 9.
    Only thing holding me back from buying a pair is the price, if the price would drop by about $200, I would buy a pair right now.
    Excellent cable.
  12. Tybot
    900A839E-28A5-467A-A0CC-E9C41CEB2282.jpeg Got ‘em.
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  13. Tybot
    I assume I'm sending them to @SilverEars once I'm done? Will probably send them out Thursday morning.
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  14. Tybot
    Cables are successfully on their way to @SilverEars and I have PM’d tracking number to him.
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