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Urgent help - 2 deals to choose from.

  1. trueblue1994
    I ve got 2 deals at my disposal for about the same price i.e 60$. All IEMs are used ones. 
    1) MEE a161p
    2) Dunnu Dn18 and tft-2v1s .
    Are the a161p good enough to give the 2 iems at the same price a miss ?
    I listen to rock and metal extensively. I like eps slightly edging towards the lows but not so much that they kill the mids. Also good build would be a very impt factor as I dont want to end up loosing my pocket money within a few months. They should last atlwast for a year or more.
  2. trueblue1994
    bump - help please before the thread gets lost :|

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