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Uptone Iso-Regen and LPS1.2 for sale w/ Silver OCC DC cord! Sold

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  1. jgwtriode
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    In IMG_20180522_085812825.jpg I am selling this combo. Iso Regen and LPS 1.2! I had Dave at Zenwave build me a Silver OCC with the high quality rhodium oyaide 2.1mm DC connectors.

    I would swap out the DC cable that comes with the LPS-1 with a UPOCC copper or silver DC cable ($100) from Zenwave Audio. It’s the best copper DC cable I’ve heard so far (email: dave@zenwaveaudio.com)! From Audio Bacon Review!

    It was $135.00 in silver OCC! I think Dave gave me a bit of a break on it. The Iso-Regen combo is I believe 695 when purchased with the LPS1.2.

    I am also giving you the original DC cable as well

    So approximately $830.00 is what I spent. Why...well I have found another approach which I wont get into here!

    Having owned the Ifi Galvanic 3.0, a W4S Recovery and the original Regen I can tell you this is far and a way the best approach and the Silver OCC improves upon that if you have very resolving equipment.

    Anyhow I dont really want to quibble and I dont have any need for the custom silver OCC DC cable.

    Let me know whether you want a STD PCUSB connector or a 90 degree rotated one! I have both genders!

    So lets just say $590.00 including shipping to Continental USA. Its only about two months old and in very good if not excellent condition.

    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  2. thyname
    Is this still available?
  3. jgwtriode
    They have been sold for sometime now!

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