Uptone EtherREGEN
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@shaitan667 you really need to find another thread to make your arguments. This thread should be about those who want to try out an EtherREGEN or own one and want to provide their experiences to others.

People like you come into threads quoting the science and often claiming to fully understand networking and yet the massive assumption you make is that the science is all fully understood and there is nothing left to discover... Well guess what, there are plenty of folks who have tried kit out and found they can hear a difference.

A friend of mine was in this camp until recently; he borrowed some expensive pieces of hardware and cables to plug into his Chord DAVE. Some kit (€10k+) didnt make much difference, it went back. Other kit and even things like USB cables, they actually made an audible and significant difference to his system. He bought that stuff, and it was maybe half the price of the expensive stuff. He cant explain why its better, doesn't match his experiences/understanding as an IT professional, but he can hear it...

I myself plugged an EE 8 Switch into my network and into a dCS Bartok. No idea why, but it sounded better...

My EtherREGEN arrives on Thursday and I will test that out as well. If it works, its stays, if not, it goes back... I will base my opinions of what i can clearly hear and not from what i have read and assume i understand...

How did the English Electric 8Switch fare against the EtherREGEN? Folks on the Naim forums love the 8Switch and many now use it and have sold their EtherREGENs.
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I upgraded from the EtherRegen to the Synergistic Research Ethernet Switch UEF, mostly because I didn't want to take the next step and buy an external 10MHz clock to upgrade the performance of the ER. I have enough boxes and this helped me reduce my three box network setup down to one.
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