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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. DJScope
    @erikfreedom Great stuff! I swear this Fiio E17 is designed for trance music! It just makes the songs so much more airy and spacious. On an opposite note, it has completely destroyed a couple of my favourite tracks that aren't really mastered very well. Just doesn't sound good any more, just feels the song has been flattened [​IMG]. Maybe it's just the copy I own.
  2. Hapster
    That's how I felt when I got my E07k, but now here I am, waiting on a V-Moda Vamp Verza in the mail [​IMG] (minus the whole "flattened" part)
    P.S. what headphones are you using?
    Anyway, I finally got around to changing my Background n' whatnot from the old A&B theme.
    So here's what I'm at now:
    Couldn't find a 1920 x 1080 background of the entire album cover, so I had to use "half" of the cover that someone uploaded, lol.
  3. DJScope
    That V-Moda Vamp Verza looks sexy as ****! Though the price is way more that what I would ever pay for a portable DAC/amp. 
    My cans are the Takstar Pro 80. I can afford to buy expensive anything xD I've got 3 kids :frowning2: and I'm the only one working in the house. Though, I'm more than satisfied with my current setup.
    PS. My desktop =D
  4. Hapster
    Nice aha, I've been using Denon d600, which really works great with EDM. Also, I picked up the verza for $320 (new) or else I wouldn't have ever bought it either :p

    Anyone in your family like trance at all?
  5. erikfreedom
    my favorite cans to listen to trance are my trusty hifiman he-6. ain't nothing like it! hardest hitting bass I have ever heard. incredible midrange and top end. and very airy too. with trance, it's like being in a dream permanently. like floating in space litteraly. takes a good amplifier to drive them though and a very good dac so these cans can show what they are capable of.
  6. Hapster
    Good to hear that summit-fi headphones actually do trance justice and people with those headphones listen to more than classical ^_^
  7. DJScope
    Will you be giving a review/impression of the sexy beast? Me being Ukrainian I've always been into euro trance/dance. My mom and her friends always use to get lots of random vocal euro trance and chillout bootleg CDs/tapes from the Russia shops so that's where I got my taste for it. As I might've mentioned earlier, I've been listening to trance since I got my first walkman, I was about 8 I think. So do they like trance? I would say yes. But, do they like trance like we do? Probably not. Though I did get my sister into trance years ago but she has long stopped listening to it. She's more of a Hi NRG kind of girl. LOL. 
    What about yourself?
    Impressive! What amps and DACs do you have? If you don't mind me asking.
  8. Hapster

    Possibly, I've always hated giving impressions on dacs/amps because people expect you to rate how it sounds. Y'know it sounds good. Better, maybe? Colored? I don't even know, I thought all solid state amps were neutral. Any differences are generally barely discernable, so in the end I would rather just review tangible things like its build quality, functions, and how well those functions work. I don't care how good your amp sounds if there's 75db of static!

    So anyway, as far as my family goes, my dad is a musician and loves to be critical of every little song, my mom also, a musician listened a lot of ambient techno since the 80s and definitely appreciates a lot of Trance. Her favorite song is Mozart by Mat zo & Arty :p

    My brother originally got me into techno, but he's since become a top-40 listener.

    And my girlfriend listens to metal & screamo, so... XD
  9. DJScope
    The biggest characteristic I look for in an amp is the ability to correctly portray the soundstage or at least as close as possible. And of course how well it goes with normal listening levels. In terms of all amps being neutral, I'd have to disagree. The components used in the amp reflect on how the sound is, IE warm or cold, I don't really believe there is a real neutral, just like the sound of any live music is effected by the room or area it is played in. Though I would always prefer warm over cold any day. 
    DAC on the other hand are pretty much impossible to distinguish from one another. A decent DAC will always sound as good as any other decent DAC.
    You're a lucky bastard! Though your bro is a blasphemer! xD
    No comment on the GF part xD xD xD
  10. erikfreedom
    my dac is an hegel hd25 and my amp is a 3 channel b22. funny thing is the b22 is plenty potent to drive the he-6. it has much better sound than hifiman own ef-6 amplifier wich I still have but d'ont use. i am waiting for a moon audio silver dragon cable to arrive for my he-6. the copper cables of the stock he-6 cable are full of verdigris. the entire cable is green in color. first time i see something like this happening to a headphone cable. i have also a schiit lyr amplifier, but that thing has horrible sound quality with he-6.
    i am eagerly waiting for simaudio moon audio new headphone amplifier to arrive at the end of summer. it will be my last purchase in a long time as i feel i have not yet fully done justice to my he-6. the thing is gonna cost 3500 without the optional dac and 4200 with the optional dac. it's gonna crank 8 watts into 50 ohms. ideal for the he-6. it is gonna be a hefty amplifier based on moon audio neo series integrated in the exact same chassis.
    i know some people here who also have summit fi gear and who love trance, but there are not many.  i have listened to trance on a speaker setup that had 22 000 bucks French made cabasse speakers powered by McIntosh amps and it was sublime.
  11. DJScope
    How old are your HE-6? Corroded cable is the first time I've heard this happening, doesn't it come with OFC cables? You have some pretty deep pockets my friend. I could only dream of a setup like that. xD
  12. erikfreedom
    my he-6 is a year old.  when my moon audio silver dragon cable arrive, I will take apart the hifiman cable and I will examine it in detail. in 40 years, I have never seen a copper cable have verdigris like this.  the entire cable is affected. my place is dry and I monitor the temperature closely. so there is no reasons for this to happen. I will take pictures.
  13. Hapster
    My Chris_Himself cable turned solid green, it's pretty common actually, and doesn't harm the SQ. Most of the time cables are sheathed so you don't notice it.
  14. DJScope

    Is your cable not insulated? The green layer actually protects the copper from oxidising further. This is why the statue of liberty is green.

    Sent from Moto G XT1033 w/ Faux kernel.
  15. DJScope


    Sent from Moto G XT1033 w/ Faux kernel.
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