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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. Suncatcher
    I'm pretty sure you're wrong about the BPM. This isn't classical music, man. BPM on EDM can't vary or else it will not be according to the standards of the scene. I can make a BPM analysis and show you the visual representation of that track if you want. I'm 99,9% sure it will be constant.
    I get your feelings about recent EDM sounding similar, but these are just the trends. It's what make most people dance. Producers follow these trends because most people following that genre like it and changes sometimes also attract more people to listen to it. Remember Trance in 2000? Trance has changed brutally after 14 years, and now A LOT MORE people know and like it. It's inevitable that some veterans won't like the genres they love to "evolve" and change, but these simple melodies are what I like most, and I'm a Trance veteran myself. They are short and simple, but when structured correctly I think are one of the most outstanding pieces of audio to hear. That, plus the sounds of those melodies synthesized by geniuses that know how to produce those beautiful, full and wide timbres on the Virus TI and Sylenth, results a final product that are candy to my ears.
    The first time I heard Origin by M6 & Willem van Hanegem I was blown away.
    The breakdown, building slowly to the main melody, and then it suddenly opens wide and right in your face...it's amazing. I get a swarm of goosebumps.
    It's just a matter of taste. Talking about true Uplifting Trance I really love Suncatcher (that's where my nickname on this forum comes from) and 7 Skies tracks.
    Other Uplifting gurus I think worth mentioning are Temple One, Static Blue, Touchstone, Daniel Kandi, John O'Callaghan, Paul Rigel, Ferry Tayle, Andy Blueman, Jorn van Deynhoven, Fast Distance and Breakfast. There are plenty more, but those are the ones that come to mind at the moment.
    For me, easily one of the best Uplifting masterpieces of all time is Miikka Leinonen - Mirabel (Temple One Remix)
    All I can do when I hear this track is travel through the sound, deeply. It's truly immersive. The name of the track is also beautiful. If I ever get a daughter I'm definitely naming her Mirabel, lol.
  2. DJScope

    The song is more house music that anything. House with elements of trance in it.

    Sent from Moto G XT1033 w/ Faux kernel.
  3. Suncatcher
    I did a research here and I was impressed that you're actually right. It's listed as Progressive House on Discogs. The thing is, tons of Trance radio shows played that track, that's why I got confused. I thought that track was Progressive Trance.
    Seems like even after 13 years listening weekly and faithfully to A State of Trance I still have a few things to learn about variations and sub-genres of Trance and House.
  4. DJScope
    No biggie. Modern music has been mixing genres for years now, though pure genres are still around but are harder to find. Even Armin on ASOT doesn't play "pure" trance tracks anymore. There are many variations of genres and little differences really don't matter, it all comes down to the core fundamentals, IE. BPM, structure and progression. It's hard to realise what kind of genre some tracks are just because how hybrid they are. It's not a bad thing really, just hard to catalogue them into genres when artist make up their own genres on the fly. That is how far we've come with electronic music.
  5. Hapster
    Progressive house is pretty good too, I have no idea what makes it that, but Kyau & Albert are one of my favourite artists, and all of their music is considered "progressive house"
    Agreed about Armin Van Buuren too, he's getting a little close to generic dance music recently, but maybe that's just from his EPs.  His albums are always a cut above, same with A&B.
    I'm not sure what my favourite "kind" of trance is. I really liked Empire by Super8 & Tab, These Hopeful Machines by BT, and Rocket Ride, by Bobina. I don't think genre is very relevant to me,  I just listen to what sounds the best to me.
    I guess that's why none of us listen to skrillex right? [​IMG] (seriously, there are genres of music I don't like, for my own reasons, but his music is just painful to listen to)
  6. DJScope

  7. DJScope
    I'm going to confess and say that, yes, I did listen to Skrillex at one stage. But dubstep was probably the fasted fad genre that ever was IMO. It still has a big following but I much rather DnB over it.
  8. fabian005
    I started with skrillex actually but I slowly progressed into the dead every other genre in electro so no worries there
  9. DJScope
    Hey guys,
    Sorry if Im reposting any tracks that have already been posted. I've got my new Fiio E17 this week and have been reintroducing myself to a lot of my favourite tracks. It's been a journey that's for sure. Didn't realise how difference it will make. I was naive. :p


  10. zachchen1996
    I absolutely love Dash Berlin, his music just never ceases to amaze me, one of my favorite artists period. [​IMG]
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  11. fabian005
    Listen to markus sculz las vegas '10 set mm mm mm
  12. Hapster
    I recently just splurged and got ALL of the Anjunabeats albums, 1-10. ^_^ vol. 11 comes out on monday.

    Also went back and got Markus Schulz's "Progression" had never heard of the album, so I'm interested for sure.

    also, I took your advice and got Sunny Tales by sunlounger, it was Shah's highest rated album, and I actually was impressed, I thought it would be some generic trance. I may look at his other albums here later.
  13. erikfreedom

    Daniel kandi. the guy is one of the true masters of uplifting trance.
  14. fabian005
    The beach side of life is pretty good by shah
  15. erikfreedom

    super8 & tab. these guys are amazing. great trance.
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