Upgrading/switching from Sennheiser Momentum IE
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Dec 16, 2016
Time to buy a new set of IEMs for my daily bus commute. I'll just use the same setup as when I asked on Reddit :)
Budget - 100-150$. Not a hard limit, but I would prefer to stay below $150.
Source - Phone/Laptop
Isolation - Very much preferred. Will be used in noisy Environments - commuting, air travel, loud home enviroments (screaming baby) while doing work.
Type - IEM
Tone balance - Not really a basshead. Currently i use the Sennheiser Momentum 2, and I like the signature of those. They are kind of on the limit on what I like when it comes to bass though. I spend most of my time on my computer with some DT880 connected to a FIIO e07k, which is the opposite of bass heavy, but that is also mostly for comfort reasons.
Past headphones - as mentioned, lots of Sennheiser (C300, C400, Momentum, Beyerdynamic). Had a pair of Shure SH240 which were quite whimpy in sound and quality feel, but they didn't cost to much either.
Music - Mostly pop, R&B, rap, EDM and some metal. Quite diverse, but mostly pop and R&B.
Impovements - What's mostly annoying me about the Momentums are the comfort. I can't get a comfortable fit in the ear, and it keeps slowly falling out when i walk. This of course also affects the sound and I'm stuck with constantly pressing the plugs back into my ears. The problem is that the wire goes OUT from the plug instead of DOWN, which puts way to much weight at the end of the monitor.

So, I want something that stays better in the air, whether its with the help of clever design or more choice in tips (foam?).
I want something with a slight bias towards bass. Love tight bass.
Shure SE215 and RHA MA750 are both mentioned by The Headphone List as good IEMs. Any comments on those for me, or are there others that are worth considering? 
I also live in Norway if that is relevant, so no US-only brands please. 

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