Upgrading source equipment
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New Head-Fier
Apr 26, 2011
Hello all, 
I've just got myself the lovely oppo PM3 and although I really enjoy my current setup with the new headphones, it isn't the most portable system in the world.
I currently use an iBasso d12 DAC/Amp with an old iRiver H160 as a source (optical connection) and more recently a Rasperry PI with HiFiBerry Digi+ optical interface running the Volumio operating system - I really like this combo, but it isn't very practical and I get strange looks when I put it on my desk in the office!
So I was thinking of moving to an integrated  DAP - something like the iBasso dx90.  How does the dac/amp in the dx90 compare to the d12? Is it of comparable or better quality?  
Is there anything else out there in the sub £500 bracket that would fit my need for a portable setup for playing FLAC files?

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