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Upgrading from UE TripleFi 10

  1. ixeo
    My TripleFi 10 is falling apart after going through 3 sets of cables.. but now the shell is disintegrating. I love it very much, and while there are "better" earphones out there, i like the detail, soundstage and sound signature of the TF10.

    My primary source is my iPhone 7, no amplification. And I use the IEMs in airplanes quite often with the in-flight entertainment system. With comply 500 series, it does an OK job with isolation.

    Budget is $300
    I'm looking at the Campfire Audio Comet, like the fact that its a stainless steel shell so it won't fall apart, ever. And I can replace the cable.

    If anybody upgraded from a TF10 feel free to share your experience.
  2. corgifall
    My tf10 has still held together and running strong for the last 9 years. It's been my daily driver but I have poked around looking for a new modern daily iem. The fiio fh5 is one I loved but it had a short nozzle so I had some fitment issues(I cram my tf10 into my ear canal). The mids and highs weren't as sparkly as the tf10 but the bass hit harder and since its a nice aluminum shell I doubt it will fall apart. My buddy let me try his bgvp dm6 and those sound the most similar to my tf10 but they have more life to them sound wise. I ordered that so I have to wait a month for it to ship but the dm6 is more than likely gonna replace my tf10 for daily use. The fh5 is $269 and dm6 is $210. fh5 is a 1 dynamic and 3 BA and the dm6 is 5 BA drivers. I tried some campfire iems and didn't feel any attachment to go buy a set. I have a backup tf10 in box so I always have a working set since it's still my favorite iem. I also use my tf10 with a null audio lune cable which has lasted 3 years now and I walk around with them alot.
  3. ixeo
    Wow thanks for the info, the BGVP DM6 sure looks good on paper, and a quick google looking at massdrop seems to garner a lot of positive review. I visit China from time to time, I think I may pull the trigger on a CIEM of the DM6 with my ear impression. Price wise that beats the CA Comet
  4. SilverEars
    Can you compare FH5 and DM6? Is DM6 that much better?

    Didn't know there was ciem of DM6. What is the going price on the CIEM?
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  5. corgifall
    The FH5 is very warm compared to the DM6, sub bass hits well on the FH5 better but the mids and highs feel recessed when I a/b tested them against my tf10 and the DM6 for the night I had the DM6. The DM6 was super neutral sounding but everything sounded super clean and detailed. When a nice bass hit happened you could still hear it and feel a slight thump but the FH5 added that warm and sweet bass to everything while DM6 only did nice bass notes if the song called for it. Super clinical is how I feel about the DM6 I had no idea they existed till my buddy had me try and them and I thought they were like $600+ iems initially. I still have my FH5 and I like it minus the short nozzle as tips are still a constant battle. The DM6 nozzle was slightly longer or must of been cause I just used the medium tips he had on there and I got a perfect seal right off the bat. I'll do a review/ comparison of those and my isine 20's when I get my own DM6 in. As of right now I only have 5 hours of DM6 listening.
  6. SilverEars
    Maybe you kick-off a dedicated DM6 thread with your impressions.
  7. Chinoloco078
    I just got my DM6 Yesterday and I've been enjoying them all day. It sounds damn good. I have a pair of Heir Audio 10.0, UE900, and TF10 and been testing against them all day. The DM6 handedly beat out the UE900, kill the TF10 (which I love and have bought 2 pairs), and make the Tin Audio T2 sound puny in comparison. Quality is not bad. These DM8 aren't going to touch the Heir Audio 10.0 but they are close. Value for money is def the highest I've experienced. Not VE Monk level, but close. Might be a good 11.11 buy.

    I'm Curious about the FH5 too, but these DM6 will keep me happy for quite a while.
  8. SilverEars
    WTF. Not even VE Monk level? I thought VE Monk was mediocre especially since it was a bud without any isolation

    Edit: I guess you meant value for money
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  9. Chinoloco078
    Come on for $4, VE monks are pretty good money spent. They are just a pair of beat arounds.

    Can we agree that the DM6 sound good at least?
  10. ixeo
    How does it "kill" the TF10? Bass? Level of detail? Soundstage? More information would be helpful. Considering the fact I can't audition the DM6. Quite a lot of money with no chance of return since i plan to custom it. Thanks in advance for sharing your impressions.
  11. Chinoloco078
    @ixeo The DM6 is in every way superior to the TF10. The bass is fuller and has more weight. The highs are more detailed and get this, there is something that you'll notice, those will be mids. Soundstage is not any larger, but the sound is fuller and envelopes you. The layering of instruments is more present and the DM6 is more musical and fun to listen. And they simply show you what is there in the recording. I have to say that in every way, it has surpassed my expectations of a $200 IEM. I do think that if the 11.11 price is at $160, then it's a worthy upgrade to the TF10. I cannot tell you about the DM6 in comparison to other Chi-Fi in the $100-$250 range because there are so many out nowadays that when having to choose only one pair, the DM6 proved a good choice for me. I would watch all the BGGR reviews and rants about the DM6 on youtube, they were very helpful to me.
  12. fiercekid84
    i'm using a UE TF10 for over 6 years and now i'm torn between DM6 *value for $$ as some say* and westone UM pro50. the dilemma.
  13. Chinoloco078
    DM6 will kill the UM pro50. I stopped using my Heir Audio 10.0, so imagine. With the money left over from your DM6 purchase you can get an entry level DAP and some decent balanced cables. There, all you need this Christmas.

    Oh, and they will trounce the TF10. Mine TF10s will just sit in my drawer for sentimental value, otherwise I'd just chuck 'em in the trash. Really, listen to the DM6 and you can tell me if I'm exaggerating.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018
  14. fiercekid84
    can't bare to leave the TF 10 as i got it 2 sets for free and to be frank the UM pro 50 v2 looks kind of nice and was i tried the um3x few years back i was blown away.
    Chinoloco078 likes this.
  15. megabigeye
    Hey there, I happened to get the UM Pro 50 yesterday. I started out a little iffy on them, but they're definitely growing on me. Here are my initial impressions if you want to check them out (sorry, no experience with the DM6, but there was somebody in that thread recommending them)... Note that I start out with quite a few complaints, but start to change my mind a little later.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
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