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Upgrading from SoundMagic E10C to RHA MA650 Wireless?

  1. Benfica1904

    I've been riding with a pair of SoundMagic E10C with my phone and I love the sound of them! :)

    But my phone (OnePlus 3) doesn't have a dedicated DAC, so, the sound quality is not the best through the jack.

    I was thinking of going wireless, maybe with aptX technology the sound will improve, right???

    What do you guys think of RHA MA650 Wireless?

  2. serman005
    I like the MA650 but I am not sure you will have a marked improvement or for that matter any improvement by jumping from your E10C to the 650. Generally speaking and in my opinion, the sound from wired is generally better than that from wireless. If you want to really improve your sound, upgrade your (wired) headphones (MA750, IT01?) or improve your source. Just my take and your mileage may vary, of course.
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  3. Benfica1904
    Thank you @serman005

    I've already bought the 650 wireless. :ksc75smile:

    It's true that I did not notice a great evolution compared to the E10C, but at least I did not get worse either. The sound signature is very similar in both models.

    I don't want to switch my phone now because I'm well served with OnePlus 3 and it's the only sound source I use with headphones.

  4. Benfica1904
    Okay, I just returned them... :p I could not deal with that little but annoying background hiss, although I was satisfied with the good soundstage and the warm sound. I've also always argued that wired is better. Bluetooth still has to evolve a lot to get the cable level. Long live audio jack!
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018

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