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Upgrading from RE-0 - $300 budget

  1. mLink
    When I first got my RE-0, I loved them.  It was the first time I was hearing all the details and nuances in songs I had been missing.
    But, I've grown a bit tired of them.  They are too thin, cold sounding, un-involving, and borderline fatiguing.
    I'm looking for some IEM's or on-ears up to $300, willing to stretch that budget a bit if it would really be worth it.
    I listen to pretty much everything except for country, the majority of the time spent with rock and hip-hop.
    Interested in finding a set that:
      -very musical, fun, and involving
      -Has some bass, quality>quantity
      -Highs that aren't harsh
      -Slightly warm sound without sounding muddy
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. yello131
    Do you have any thing in mind already? any IEMs which has called your attention on this forum?
    What is your priority?  you have to set what is most important, since your list is very demanding.
  3. seanmo
    re262?  $150 on preorder right now
  4. mLink
    Yeah, I realize it's a demanding list, I'll go back and trim it to show only the priorities.
    I've been looking into Monster Turbine Pro Copper, DBA-02 (seem hard to find though), ATH-ESW9A, IE8 (may not work with my small ears), UE Triple.fi 10, & Westone 3.
  5. Negakinu
    I'd try to get an IEM that has a signature that compliments your RE0 so you can still use the RE0 when you're in for a more analytical sound. Good options among the top-universals are the Radius DDM, Ortofon EQ5, Earsonics SM3, Turbines and IE8. I'd stay away from the DBA-02 if you want something other than analytical though. 
    You can also spend less and try the Brainwavz M2, Fischer Audio Eterna V1, Hippo VB or something like those to just see if you actually like a different sound than you're used to. 
    Btw, another $100 on your budget buys you the 1964-Duals Custom in-ears. :) 
  6. yello131


    Dba-02 is not that hard to find. Dimitri at Musica Acoustics has them in stock.
    Also new Radius DDM #2 is coming this week according to latest reports.
    This one should be an interesting one, but so far there are no reviews available..
  7. Koopa989
    i vote the Miles Davis...they can be had for less than 300 if you look around and they sound great with everything, especially hip hop.
  8. Berkovajazz
    What about Sunrise Xcape v2? Lot of users find them more warm, more bassy, and more fun than Re0.
    Also very good price:)

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