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Upgrading from my Gradio sr80i to a close back headphones with a $300 budget.

  1. pressonly1
    I have a Fiio combo E07K/E09K and I'm looking to upgrade from my Gradio sr80I to a close back headphones with a $300 budget. I was checking out the ATH M50 but I also like the Mad dog. Questions about the Planar Magnetic headphones, are they really that heavy, is there a real big difference in sound and are they easy to drive? I play a lot of R&B, Jazz and some hip hop .I like some bass but I'm not a bass head.
  2. cel4145
    The Mad Dogs will not be as easy to drive as your Grados, but I would imagine that the E09K would do fine. Best way to find that kind of thing out is to google a headphones make/model along with keyword "head-fi" and find a major discussion/review thread. Then ask there :)

    You might consult the Innerfidelity Wall of Fame lists for other headphone options:

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