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Upgrading from FiiO K3

  1. JimmyErfe
    Hi everyone,

    I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 SR and a FiiO K3.
    Unfortunately, my K3 doesn't work properly anymore and so i was thinking about upgrading my DAC/AMP setup with something a little better.

    I looked into the Fulla 2 or the Modi/Magni combo as a replacement.
    I've gotta say that i would prefer an integrated DAC/AMP for convenience.
    I'll use the audio setup to listen to music (jazz and classical primarely) and playing games when directional audio is pretty important (for example to hear footsteps).
    My budget is 300€ circa.

    Is the Fulla 2 better than the K3? Or is there something even better?
    Should i directly buy the Modi/Magni combo?

    And finally is schiit-europe.com the official European distributor?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Xduoo XD-05 DAC/amp, I really doubt you need to spend more then that for use with a Sennheiser HD598SR.
  3. JimmyErfe
    Can you explain why is it better than the K3 or Fulla2?
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I like the way my XD-05 sounds, has the options of three types of input (coaxial/optical/USB).
    Seems to have plenty of power, just in case you buy more power demanding headphones.
    But nothing wrong with getting the Fulla 2 or another K3.
  5. JimmyErfe
    Yes, I was thinking of buying another K3.
    But, as I said before, I was also wondering if there was something better.
    Maybe you can recommend something to me if I give you more specific indications.
    For example, from what I understand, the K3 has a neutral sound signature and a wide soundstage.
    Is there any other integrated DAC / AMP that can offer me an even wider soundstage?

    I also noticed that K3 has more output impedance than the Fulla2 and does not reach the same volume levels.
    However, the Fulla2 from what I have seen in several reviews does not have this neutral sound signature (which I really appreciate), nor the breadth of the K3 soundstage.
    Do you know any other DAC / AMP that can give me the best of both worlds or one that is considered universally superior to these two?
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I have the Schiit Fulla (original), audio was more musical, then neutral.
    The FiiO K3's output impedance is listed as >1.04-Ohms, which is still very low.
    My Xduoo XD-05 uses the same DAC chip as the Fulla, but sounds more neutral.

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