"Upgrading" from Bose AE2 - need your help
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Jun 29, 2015
Hey, for the last 3 years I'v been using the Bose AE2. I know that some of the users in this site are pretty much "hate" Bose.
But, I really enjoyed the AE2. The sound was decent and clear. The most important thing about the AE2 was their comfort and portability:
 the materials on the AE2 are just great for the ears and the head. and they very light and easy carry them anywhere.
Now, after 3 years of use, the AE2 done their job - the cushions all around starting to tear apart. I don't want to buy another earcups or somthing like that - I want to buy a new pair of headphones.
So, I read some reviews and saw some videos - almost everyone said that I can get a new pair at the same price but with better quality of sound and comfort.
I looked over senheiser product and got confused. It seems like people getting crazy about how good they are, but I don't know which type is what and what will suite for me.
That is why I need your help - which model (from sen. or any other company) will be the best for me around the same price as the AE2?
Things that I'm looking for:
- deep bass (just to feel it's there, I'm not a "bass head") 
- very clear and soft sound (I listen to melodic trance, classical music and some vocals)
- comfort (I love listening to music for hours, so comfort is VERY important to me)
- protbailty and light weight (as I mentioned, the AE2 were perfect at this category)
I hope you can help me!

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