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Upgrading from a ATH-AD500X to somthing better?

  1. Ceclya
    Hey there

    I'll be honest from the start.. i dont have alot of knowledge about sound hardware.
    I mainly use my headphones for Gaming + Music, i currently have a pair of ATH-AD500X, just plugged into my motherboard (Asus - Maximus VI Hero)

    I've had my AD500X for about a year+ now and they have been my first pair of headphones, have had 'gaming' headsets in the past but im happy that i made the switch,
    but the last couple of weeks i've had some thoughts about if i should upgrade to something with better sound quality and maybe get a dac or whatever those things is called, as i understand that the ones i have is pretty much some entry-level stuff?

    So yea is there anything i should take a look at where i'll also be able to tell the diffrence and the upgrade would be worth it? or is it really minor the upgrades i would notice for it to be worth it to spend alot of money on it?

    have currently not laid out a budget, but dont wanna go above 4000DKK = ~630$ for the entire thing (headphones & Dac/soundcard or w/e is best)
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    An Audio Technica ATH-AD900X would be an upgrade and be way under your budget.
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card (used is fine).
  3. serman005
    You might also consider an HD598 (Sennheiser is the brand). I don't think it is particularly better than the AD900X--just different. Maybe read about it and see what you think. It is possible it could work as well.
  4. Rhamnetin
    With that kind of budget, I would say goodbye to dynamic headphones and move up to planars--get either the ZMF Classic or Argon MK3, Objective2 amp, and ODAC. As for which headphone, I will be comparing both so I can't suggest over the other yet. See which one has more reasonable shipping cost.
  5. Ceclya
    thanks for all the replies will take them into consideration, but my phone just died yesterday so getting a new phone is gonna be prioritised over some new headphones :/
  6. Ceclya
    Sorry for necroing my old thread, but if i pull the trigger on a HD598CS and a fiio e10k olympus 2, how much better sound quality should should i expect compared to my setup now with the 500x just plugged into the mobo? is it just a minor improvement so that's it just a stupid 'side-grade' and not an upgrade?
  7. serman005
    The biggest difference will be that the AD500X is open-backed and the HD598CS is a closed headphone. So, they will likely sound very different. It is possible you may actually prefer the AD500X over the 598CS.
  8. Ceclya
    Think im just gonna start with a usb Dac/amp then tbh
  9. Zworks
    how about electrostatic earspeaker?
    stax2170 or stax3100, sounds somewhat like ad900x. I got a great deal on stax3100, 400 dollars (srm-252 and l300)

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