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Upgrade to my iFi Nano for portable use?

  1. Horacio
    My current travel setup is my Android phone + original iFi Nano iDSD + Oppo PM3. I don't really use DSD. Nothing wrong with the Nano, but have had it for about 3 years and I'm wondering if significant sonic improvements are to be had from current designs? For example, does Nano Black Label sounds much better?

    And the Nano is a bit bulky for portability, so smaller would be nice.
    A while back I looked into the new Dragonfly but there were operating issues when used with Android; wondering if those might have been solved?
    The Ultrasone Naos also looks interesting.

    I haven't been keeping up with all new entrants into this space so more than happy to go for something that fits the bill and I'm not aware of.

    Thank you!
  2. buke9
    I have heard the original and Black labels but a bit of time between the two so hard to say. My thought it would be a different headphone would be a bigger difference.
  3. Horacio
    Thank you.

    What's your view regarding Dragonfly and Ultrasone vs Nano?

    What would you recommend as headphone upgrade up to u$500?
  4. megabigeye
    I've not heard any of the iFi products, but I use the Dragonfly Red with PM-3 (and a host of other, more demanding 'phones) on Android and it sounds great. I believe I remember reading that it's comparable to the nano iDSD BL, but you might want to look into that for yourself. The issues on Android have been solved in the latest firmware update.
    Though as buke9 says, you might get bigger results with a different headphone. PM-3 aren't the most resolving.
  5. Horacio
    Thank you. Great knowing the Dragonfly issues with Android were solved. At same sound quality and much smaller size the Dragonfly might be a good option.

    Which headphones would you recommend as a step up?

  6. megabigeye
    You're welcome!
    As I said, you should look into the comparison between the DFR and iFi for yourself. It was a while ago that I was researching this stuff, and lord knows I don't have the best memory.

    And I was just speaking generally, that there's more difference to be heard between headphones than between DACs or amps. I don't have any specific recommendations.

    Also, just to clarify, I said "resolving," but I probably should have said "involving," which I think has more to do with sound signature and personal preference than it does the 'phones technical ability.
  7. alextinguisher
    I'm also interested in a comparison among the three portable DAC OP mentioned, particularly between iDSD BL vs Naos as I'm debating which to get. iDSD seems more powerful but I'll be just using the DAC with my Android cellphone (Pixel 2) and IE80.

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