Upgrade to HE-400i from old HE-400?
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Jan 18, 2015
Let me start off this post with a little explanation.
I love the Hifi-man sound, but am not looking for a substancially different product from my current HE-400. I'm looking at more of a slight upgrade than a game changer.
I am currently wearing my second pair of HE-400's, and they are still driving me haywire.
I HATE their fit and comfort. The headband is very pliable, and is easily bent. Once their bent, they never go back to how they once were. It changes their sound, their soundstage, and even their L/R balance...
My replacement pair came in last week, and they are already as bent up as the one's I fought with for the past few months. I've had the same issues with Beyerdynamic DT-990's, Leather and structured headbands don't seem to fit well on my slightly smaller than average head, and their shape and comfort suffer because of it
Then I heard of the superior HE-400i that came out last year. Suspension-like fit similar to AKG was a deal-maker for me. A headband that doesn't rely on its shape for its fit? That's exactly what I need. I prefer a more rigid headband, one that cannot move.
I already contacted HIFIMAN support, and they're allowing me to upgrade if I pay them the $200 difference between the he-400 and he-400i to them. 
What's stopping me? I want to know how different the HE-400i will sound from the HE-400.
I listen strictly to Rock and Metal, ranging from alternative to the heaviest of death metal. I love the "V" sound signature, the "Fun" sound of the HE-400.
I also love the wider sound stage the HE-400 has, as I PC-game a lot, and love playing with the added sense of positional audio that an open sound stage gives you.
I've heard that the HE-400 has a more forward sound, with bumped mids, dulled down Bass and Treble. . I've heard the sound stage was tightened as well, some even saying it sounds closed.
I want to be able to have that airy feeling in the treble and audio positioning. I like the sound of different parts of music and games pop up around my head, it is wonderful. I don't want to give that aspect up, as my current HE-400 does this wonderfully.
I like more refined bass, but still want it to hold its prescience. I do like the idea of the HE-400i having less "tizzy" than the HE-400 did, but are they dampened too much as well? I like to have my treble somewhat upfront as well, and it sounds like the warmer mids may cover those up.
Though people say the HE-400i has a more superior sound and detail, is the Sound Signature neutralized?
Do they sound that much different from their predecessor? Would the HE-400i's disappoint me?
Any contributions or recommendations are eagerly awaited, Thanks!

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