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Upgrade to AKG Q 701

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by obsidyen, Apr 30, 2014.
  1. obsidyen
    Hi everyone,
    What would be the best upgrade to AKG Q 701s? I want a good all-rounder, something that can sound great with all genres. I was thinking of Beyerdynamic T1 but some say it's not much of an upgrade over Q701, despite the massive price difference. I don't want neither very analytical nor very warm. I want neutral and musical headphones.
    I have a Meridian Explorer (revised version). It can drive the Q 701s fine. I'm not sure how well it can drive 300 or 600 ohm headphones.Tyll says 300 ohms are great with Explorer.
  2. Za Warudo
    Imo, a properly amped Q701 with the bass mod is pretty neutral.  It's not the best with electronic music but it doesn't embarrass itself neither.
  3. obsidyen
    Thanks for the reply. What's the bass mod, how can I apply it? I know it's neutral but surely there are better headphones out there. Or should I go crazy and just buy HD 800?:)
  4. Za Warudo
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