Upgrade my sound: X-fi Xtreme Music, Z-5500s, Grado SR225
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New Head-Fier
Oct 16, 2008
I'm new to head-fi and I'm trying to figure out how to get good sound out of my system with a budget of ~200$.

Currently I mostly listen from my Windows XP computer which has an X-Fi Xtreme Music card in it which is connected by analog to my Logitech Z5500s. I then plug my Grado SR60s (later this week I get my SR225s, at 120$ after cashback on ebay, I couldn't resist) into the logitech controller.

What I want:
First- I would like to be able to conveniently switch between my speakers and my cans. I don't know if its worth investing in a DAC/amp or if my x-fi card delivers pretty good sound--I haven't heard anything else.

Second- It'd be great if i could also improve sound out of my laptop(lenovo x200 with on-board audio) or ipod nano for when i go to the library.

Would i benefit from a portable amp? Should I go the USB converter route? Does my x-fi card output decent enough sound already? How much better sound will i get if i spend a couple hundred dollars.

Thanks in advance--I'm open to all suggestions.

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