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Upgrade me

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by subseasniper, Feb 20, 2013.
  1. subseasniper
    Hello all.
    I am currently using an old ipod (Rockboxed) with WAV files, Fiio dock out cable, Fiio E7 and Sennheiser HD 595's.
    I am happy with this sound but like the rest of you guys I am chasing the next high.
    I would prefer new cans as the Fiio E7 is a recent acqusition.
    So, what would be a logical upgrade for cans?
    I am open to suggestions, I am traditionally a Sennheiser man but am open minded.
    Budget wise, £200 - £300 and they must be able to be driven decently by the E7.
    Hit me up with some idea!
  2. Chris_Himself
    Sell HD595, buy Hifiman HE-400.
    Check the HE-400 thread out, it's huge.
  3. ostewart
    Soundmagic HP200
  4. Lorspeaker
    Ok...first time I am recommending audio technica ad900x.:cool:
  5. MalVeauX
    Tell us more about what kind of sound you want? Neutral? Bassy? Open? Closed? Preference to pad type?
    Very best,
  6. subseasniper
    thanks for the replies. As for type of phone, I like the Sennheiser design, proper over ear, very comfortable for long sessions, open design.
    You know, like the 595.
    I've been checking out the Soundmagic HP200 and it looks very interesting.
    If hi-fi headphones in the UK ever stock it then I can check it out.

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