Upgrade from Sony MDR-EX51 to ???
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May 27, 2009
I dont know much about the audio world so I'm asking all you knowledgeble people.

I have been using Sony MDR-EX51 in-the-ear headphones forever. They are unusual in that the cord from the Y split on one earbud is 4-5 inches long while the other is 20 in. long. After they join there is about 18 in. of cord left untill the plug. I like this because it makes the cord easy to manage while I use my mp3 player on an armband.

I want to upgrade to a better model headphone. I like in-the-ear and want to continue with that style. I also like the unusual cord lengths of my Sony and would like to find a model similar but not if it means limiting quality.

I would greatly appreciate some suggestions on specific models under or around $150.00. These headphones will only be used on mp3 players (Zune, Iriver) and I listen to ALL kind of music so I dont know what I want in terms of Bass or Treble.

Also is there a name for the strange Sony cord configuration?

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Also is there a name for the strange Sony cord configuration?


They are called asymmetrical cables, also sometimes known as J-cord (as opposed to Y-cord). Not many brands carry these cord configuration, and almost certainly no high-end models apart from the Sony EX700 (which is above US$150 anyway).
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Thanks for the info.

I guess I can forget the J-cable headphones then. Maybe just get a cheap pair in case I break/loose them at the gym.

So what are some recommendations for ~$150 with normal Y-cables? Like I said I want an even sound (I think) since I listen to all types of music on my mp3 player.

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