Upgrade from Sennheiser IE60 to IE80
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Apr 25, 2014
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I'm using Sennheiser IE60 for some time now and I'm pleased with their good lows and excellent mids, but unfortunately they are a little weak in high frequencies. For this reason I started thinking of getting a pair of IE80 which have a wider frequency response (10-20,000 Hz) in coparison to IE60's (10-18,000 Hz) and should be able to produce sharper and crispier tremble.
I'm looking for the same bassy sound signature as IE60 but with improved tremble performance and perhaps better instrument separation. Unfortunately I don't have the chance to try IE80 beforehand and judge for myself so I'm not sure how much of an upgrade would be to someone already familiar with an IEM such as IE60. Plus I'm reluctant towards this bass adjustment function which looks like a marketing gimmick to me without much actual usefulness. I also consider the option of IE800 which I'm pretty sure would provide the rich sound I'm after, but I'd rather not spend a heap of money for an IEM with no detachable cable at the housings, provided also that from what I've read you can't expect a huge performance gain in comparison to IE80.
If somebody can see where I'm coming from, I'd appreciate his advice or opinion. Thanks a lot in advance! 


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