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Upgrade from NE-700x

  1. Palpatine
    I just upgraded my NE-6 headphones which I thought were quite good for the money.
    I bought the NE-700x after many favourable reviews. I am very happy with the result. They have more definition in the higher frequencies, and have nice bass as well. Mostly I was impressed how the sound stage opened up compared to the NE-6. I can actually enjoy classical music with my earphones for the first time.
    It got me thinking. If the 700x are one of the best under $100, what would be my next set of IEMs to consider.
    I would like even more soundstage if possible and perhaps more forward midrange, w/o sacrificing any of the treble and bass which I already enjoy in the 700x. Under $200 this time.
    Any comments appreciated.
  2. seanmo
    I would say the monster pro line - gold or copper or the re262 for more mids for dynamics.  If you want to go more analytical then there are a lot of options such as the audeo 112 or dba-02


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