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Upgrade From Klipsch S4i

  1. jacobap100
    Help Me I am deciding on buying the ibeats,turbines,diddybeats, or tour beats.
    I have had the klipsch s4i for 1 and a half years and was wondering which buds i should get.
    I use a iphone to play music.
  2. jaqueh
    what are u going to be doing with your old s4s?
  3. jacobap100
    i dont really know why?
  4. calipilot227
    What's your price range and music preference?
  5. jaqueh


    i could buy them off you if the price is right/ if you're willing to sell them
  6. jacobap100
    my price range is anywhere up to 175
  7. jacobap100
    you wouldent want them the wire is gone where the jack is and i am using electrical tape to fix them plus i am only 15
  8. jaqueh
    ah darn it, i really want these headphones but they're too expensive
  9. jacobap100
    Trust me if you put down the 100 dollars it will be worth every Penny I have had them for a year and I am not dissapointed in the least bit
    The s4's are only 80 bucks
  10. calipilot227
    If you like the isolation of the S4, I'd suggest the Etymotic HF5. It's about $120 on Amazon right now. Amazing sound, equally amazing isolation (though it lacks the remote and mic found on the iPhone). It's probably your best bet at this price range.
  11. jacobap100
    Ok is the isolation just good or better and do they have booming bass
    I am
    Looking for booming bass how are the monster turbines
  12. calipilot227
    If you want booming bass, the turbines have it! [​IMG] The isolation will be less than the S4s though.
  13. jacobap100
    ok so would you reccomend the turbines or any of the beats in ear products because I am leaning toward the ultimate ears 700
    or the turbines
  14. calipilot227
    Beats are terrible. I'd say go with the UE700.
  15. jacobap100
    so between the UE 700 and the turbines the UE sound better and have good bass
    I need good bass because I listen to a lot of hip hop and rap

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